Monday, February 4, 2013

January Randomness

and it's time for the monthly photo overload....
Sending Grammy a picture to say thank you for the new pj's 
Spidey and Batman
AKA - Ryder and Jackson

Watching Jake in bed
Sleepy babe...

Yummy ice cream! 

 The flu sucks :(
 last paci picture!! :( kind of makes me sad!!
sick boys
 more sick boys... I am beyond thankful I didn't get what these three had!
so sick and miserable! This was taken after a 9pm appointment with our pediatrician diagnosing him wiht a double ear infection. He was soooo pooped, but I was waiting for Derrik to get home with his antibiotic before I put him to bed
 Buzz and Woody slippers

My little gamers... Playing Little Big Planet on the PS3... Landon is only pretending obviously :)
 Ugh oh... the brothers are BOTH in time out! Can you see how mad they are at me? lol
Obviously he was tired!

I picked Ryder up from school one day while Landon was home with Derrik, and took him on a little day date. Landon and I have plenty of time out alone while he's at school, but Ryder and I rarely get out alone. We went to Starbucks and shared a cinnamon roll and a hot chocolate, to Coach where he happily helped me pick out a new purse with a gift card from Christmas, and then to Children's Place to get him some new shorts for our trip to Florida. It was such a fun hour or two with my big guy :)

 Sending Grammy a thank you picture for the superhero shirt and huge slim jim!
 After this picture from Derrik while I was at work one morning, and a phone call saying he was hysterical in the car when they went to get Ryder from school...
I pretty much knew the rest of my day would consist of this... another 102 fever :(
we hate flu season!

Cheering on Uncle Cole at his basketball game

My little Saturday night dates while Daddy worked
 Hanging out with Jake and the crew
 This kid will do ANYTHING to get your attention!

Bounce U
 I started feeling really sick at Bounce U and this guy wasn't far behind me :(
It's clearly been a month of sickness!

Brother Lovin'

Miss Jen, Jackson's mom, made both the boys awesome Batman capes!

Fever.... again....

One Friday night Ryder spent the night at Me-Maw and Poppy's. Landon and I had to run some errands which included the Disney store for some items for a class basket for Ryder's school's school auction. Landon was sooo excited to see all his favorite people in the store on everything, and walked out wiht some goodies!
Loving his new Disney magazine

Ready for Disney withour new Jake shirt and sippy cup!

It was 60 degree and grey out... We decided to get the Caddy out for quick spin around the block while we could!
 I hope you enjoyed some pre-scheduled posts this week.... I'll be back with lots of pictures from Florida when we get back from vacation!!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Frosty Frolic Party

Ryder's class had a Frosty Frolic Party... They had been talking all things winter all month and were celebrating it with a little party. They made snowflakes with popcicle sticks and buttons, played pin the nose on the snowman, played a bear hunt game, and of course had some fun foods to snack on!
Making his snow flake
 Getting some help from Miss Jen
 The finished products
 Attempting to get the carrot on the snowman

 Best Buds
 I think it's safe to say Ryder lost :)

Hiding from the bears on the bear hunt

The boys
Caleb, Alex, Ryder, and Jackson