Thursday, November 7, 2013

My Baby

These pictures were lost amongst other pictures... These were taken at the park when we did Halloween costume pictures. This was the first sign of Landon getting sick as I noticed he was warm while we did pictures. He never has his blankie out of the house, and had asked to bring it this day. He went down hill quick after this, and ended up on 3x a day breathing treatments that practically ran out life for a little while. I just love how little he still looks in these pictures :) 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Halloween 2013

My boys posing for some Halloween pictures before Ryder's bus came...

We had to stretch to show our festivity, but we pulled it off. Ryder was on year three in this Halloween shirt, and the sleeves were so short so we improvised with the button down look underneath :) Landon wasn't leaving the house and was clueless so the orange polo and Halloween stickers worked just fine. 

Landon cooperates SOOO well! I can't wait for the day they both look :)

Before we headed out for trick-or-treating Aunt Gina stopped by with her dogs for some picutres...
Batman, Robin, my zombie, Mike, and Spiderman
 Aunt Gina and the boys
Ready for trick-or-treating!!! 
 It was dark and drizzling out so this was my one and only non-blurring trick-or-treating picture. 
Take my word for it that they both had such a blast. We didnt' see much of Ryder since he was leading the pack this year with the big kids. Landon was always pulling up the rear, but enjoyed every second of running house to house. 
 Our last stop was to Big Grammy's house to say hello. 
Mike, Buzz Lightyear (Dalton), Iron Man (Cole), and our Spiderman

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Halloween Costumes

Landon decided pretty early on that he wanted to be Mike from the Monsters Inc. movie. Easy enough for me.... 

My Spidey and Mike
 When we took these pictures Ryder was still undecided between Spiderman and Optimus Prime so we took photos in both 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Pumpkin Carving and Painting

FYI The photographer in me wanted to throw these pictures out... The lighting in our kitchen is terrible and most of the pictures came our blurry. The mom in me loves them :) 

This year for pumpkin carving we started out with painting our pumpkins....

Landon's ninja warrior posing strikes again..

 Derrik got started tracing out the pattern Ryder picked while they painted. 
Ryder took it so easy on him and picked an easy one this year!

 Ryder painted his pumpking and left a heart on it... He told me it was a "love pumpkin" for me :) 
This kid seriously has the BIGGEST heart! There isn't a day that goes by that he doesn't tell me i'm beautiful. 
 Here we go... 
 Landon was very curious!!
 Love Ryder's face in all of these :)

 Right about here is where Landon decided pumpkins were no longer cool and he hated them!! 
I am so glad our carved pumpkins are officially off our porch because he wouldn't walk past them the past week. 

 We had decided we'd just carve one pumpkin this year because the kids lose interest about two minutes into the cleaning out process, and poor Derrik is left with an hour or so of carving. Well.... someone decided he was interested this year and wanted to do his own!! 
 He cleaned most of it out himself with some help from dad

 Getting close only with dad around

 Ryder then "carved" his own pumpkin. He just took one of the little carving knives and carved a bunch of random lines all around. Then Derrik went ahead and carved a face in it at the end. 

and... some pumpkin seeds and cupcakes to round up the night