Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Eggs

Last night Derrik called into work, and we took a much needed night together as a family. It had been a long week for us all, and it was just what we needed!! We all took LONG afternoon naps, had a fun dinner at Friendly's, and then came home and dyed our Easter Eggs :)

I had been talking to Ryder casually all week about dying our eggs. I'd just make quick comments about being excited to do it, and every time he'd never really answer with the enthusiasm I was quite looking for. So yesterday I finally laid into him telling him how sad I was that he already wasn't looking forward to dying eggs at the age of four, and how sad it made me. His response was, "MOM, I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY YOU WANT TO KILL THE EGGS!" Then it clicked in my head... He didn't remember dying eggs the past three years, and had NO CLUE what in the world I was talking about. Thank God for his blog of mine. We quickly hopped on and checked out all our egg dying experiences from the years past, and my little boy was quickly back on bored for the egg dying experience... especially when I told him it was bubby's first year doing it :)

If you remember in years past, I tell Ryder that he has to wear these bunny ears for the egg dye magic to work :) I just am such a sucker for egg dying pictures with bunny ears! It worked great for another year!

Also... I get comments quite often on how much my boys look alike. I, of course, don't really see it, but I must say that in these pictures I had to question myself a few times as to who was who... Crazy!!

 We left Landon on the sidelines at first to observe, but he quickly wanted in on the action!

 I love how excited Ryder was for Landon when he first put his egg in :)

 My world :) 

 Realizing his hand was dirty...
 The response...
 Ryder telling Daddy some crazy story

 We ended up with a very blue/green hue to our eggs this year

 Landon had decided stickering himself was WAY more fun then the eggs

Ryder did not want stickers on his eggs... 
notice him casually blocking his eggs from the little brother
 We mine as well sticker Daddy up too

 We hope everyone has a very Happy Easter!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Now to keep the momentum going...

I figured it would be good to keep the momentum of blog posts going... I don't have anything exciting to say, but at least a few pictures to share..

This guys is SUCH a daddy's boy!
I asked him to smile for Daddy while he was at work the other day and got this :)
 Heading to the park the other day after we got Ryder at school

 My boys in front of our wall we like to stop at :)
 Racing to the park.. I can't wait until the day Landon beats Ryder lol
 Love when he has that REAL big smile on his face and not a forced one :)
 Trying to sneak a picture of the boy the other day while I was working on some pictures.. Landon always catches me. I love when he just chills and watches tv, and that he has his big Jake figurine randomly in his hands. 
That's all for now :)