Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Easter Bunny 2012

Yesterday we decided to go see the Easter Bunny. Ryder was very excited for Easter and all the fun stuff that comes along with it, and couldn't wait to take Landon to see the Easter Bunny for the first time. Due to Easter's date changing each year this will be Landon's second Easter before he turns one, but his first was spent in the hospital the day after he was born.

When we got there yesterday at about 4:20 the Easter Bunny was no where to be found. I checked the schedule, and he was supposed to be there from 11:30-8:00. We weren't sure where he was and checked everywhere for a "be back soon" sign. We didn't see anything anywhere and decided to get get some pretzels at Aunt Annie's to pass some time. We got back just before 5:00, and I told Derrik maybe they were taking a break and would be back at 5:00. They had a extended trailer for the movie HOP playing so we entertained the kids with that and sat around waiting. Ryder got antsy so I let him play around in the "Easter Bunny's home" as he called it.

He was really into this fake bunny

Giving it a kiss

Just as we were losing home... it was about 5:10 at this point... I saw him walking out! I told Ryder, and half expected him to clam up and decide he didn't want to do this anymore. Instead he was sooo excited! This was his face when he saw him down below. Just after this he started waving and yelling "Hi Easter Bunny!!!"
There was no one else around waiting for pictures so we got all the time we wanted. Ryder practically ran up to him, and said "Come here Bubby i'll hold your hand". Landon looked at the bunny and started his i'm going to cry face, but we quickly distracted him and he was fine. They did so great! I love that in their picture you can see Ryder holding Landon's arm to comfort him. He is such an amazing big brother :) while we were getting paying for our official picture Ryder went up to give the Easter Bunny multiple high fives and a huge hug. It was the perfect visit with the Easter Bunny. Now Ryder keeps bugging me to dye the eggs... hoping we can hold off so we can actually use them in our egg hunt!
My sweet boys with the Easter Bunny
(Landon 11 months - Ryder 3 1/2 years)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Straight from the iPhone

I think the iPhone is every mom's best friend and worst enemy...
Easy access for a picture at every single moment of your children's life,
the quality is terrible... you can't even print them with any quality at all...
Oh well, it is what it is... without further adieu
Our life on the iPhone for the last month or so...

A morning in bed with my boys..
I love when they sit still and watch some cartoons for a little while in the mornings with me
A shot Daddy and Ryder sent Landon and I while they were out having a guys night at the dog track one night
Getting in the Easter spirit...
I love Landon's "what is that on your head look"
He was clueless I slipped some on his head because he was so confused about what was on Ryder's head :)

Ryder went with Grammy and his Aunties' to the movies over spring break to see The Lorax.
He came home and showed me these photo booth pictures he took with Auntie Ally, and told me that he wanted them up on the fridge :) such a cutie pie!
Pretty sure he asked me to take this picture of him one morning.
He's my little goof ball
I have never seen an 11 month old get sucked so into cartoons...
such a little couch potato
I heart him
The inseperable duo
While I was packing for the beach one morning it dawned on me that the boys were being such angels. Ryder had pushed Landon into Landon's room and was full on entertainment for him while I packed. I wish mornings were that smooth every morning!
Texting Daddy some love one day before the beach while he was at work
Getting all the sand off of their little bodies after the beach before a LONG afternoon nap :)
Landon thinks the steering wheel is the coolest thing ever
Love that face!
Mimi, the boys, and I at Disney on Ice: Toy Story 3
Ryder when he first realized what this Disney on Ice stuff was :)
I love being their Mommy :)
Hanging out in the car while Landon sleeps in the car before the beach one day
Big kids push the the little while the Mommy's take a break :)
I LOVEEEE getting to see this sleepy face every morning
Ryder didn't want to walk at the park one day... so we did the best we could do
I got this picture from Grammy when she had the boys the other night...
Genius! We always thought we couldn't sit at high tops :)
I also got this picture from Grammy when she had the boys... Such a cutie pie!
When Ryder goes to time out Bubby does not like it.
He typically stands outside his door and screams for him :(
Sending Grammy his sad face because he wanted to go to her house...
She couldn't resist and let him come over for a little while :)
That's all for now :)

Look Alike

With the move I came across a ton of old pictures. In this picture below I swear I saw my boys with long hair... This is me my junior year of high school with Auntie Hailey and Auntie Ally. The resemblence between Hailey and Landon is crazy close! In so many pictures I see Ryder in Ally as well.

Does this not look like i'm holding my future son as a teenager? I wonder if Landon will always look so similar to Hailey?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Good Times

Wow! We have been busy busy busy around here. It's been a nice busy though. We have been busy packing our days outside at the beach, park, splash pads, and enjoying some nice company. Let's face it, with two active little boys life is MUCH easier when we get out of the house. If we stay home for a whole day the walls start to cave in on us, and we all go slightly crazy! In the little spare time I have had at home i've been busy working on some final touches around our place to make it feel like home. I'm waiting on a few photos I ordered to come in next week, and then maybe i'll do a tour around our little place we call home these days. It's really starting to feel like home :)

These first pictures are from two weekends ago. We have been hitting the beach up with friends every Wednesday, and Ryder really wanted Daddy to make a trip with us. Derrik must REALLY love Ryder because I can never convince him to go to the beach for me :) It was a really nice family day, and I think Derrik really learned to appreciate why I get the boys out of the house so much. He sees how much work they are at home, and I think now realizes that they need a way to let out all that built up energy.

This is a pretty typical face for Landon at the beach.

He just kind of tolerates it, but doesn't quite love it yet.

Getting some water to get started on their Monster Jam stadium they were going to build.

Building some jumps
I'm pretty sure that Ryder was telling Derrik how he was doing it all wrong right here. Ryder knows what he wants, and you can't figure it out he gets SO frustrated!
Daddy doing some free style on the track
This guy decided to take a little snooze so we headed down to the water for a bit while he napped.
Ryder was so thrilled Daddy was tehre to dig him a big hole to get buried in.
Mommy is NEVER that much fun at the beach!!
All buried
And breaking free!!
Going to get all cleaned off in the cold water

Landon woke up so I brought him down towards the water. He tends to usually stay up in the dry area, but we figured we'd give it a try.
And got his "i don't like this face"
He makes this face all the time when I try to feed him something he doesn't want.
In the end he wasn't crazy about sitting there letting the water splash onto him, but loved going into the water with me holding him. Ryder wasn't crazy over the beach at this age either... in time I guess.
Pretend here I am showing you pictures of our trip to the Little Dipper Pool with Derrik last weekend and our trip to the Splash Pad with Miss Amanda and the kids on Monday... because I deleted them thinking they were already on my computer :)
On Tuesday evening Amanda and I brought the kids to Chik-Fil-A for dinner and then headed back to Lakes Park to get some pictures of the kids. Amanda wanted some pictures of the kids in their spring outfits, and I had asked her a few times if we could take them down there for me to get some more practice in on kids other then my own. Granted I'm taking pictures of her kids weekly, but typical it's in the middle of the day when the sun is terrible and our kids are a wreck. Here are a few from our night down there....
Miss Sophia... this girl is a model in the making! She just loves to take pictures :)
My son on the other hand...
He does not know how to make a normal face for the camera at all these days!
Soso and Dyson...
Love these kids to pieces :)
Picking flowers
Is this not the cutest best friends picture?
They are going to have the best wedding slide show ever one day
(I think it actually might be a dream world Amanda and I live in... because they go to school together, and we've come to realize don't even acknowledge each other while they are there... they do love each other though. I think they just like time with other kids sometimes.)
I love the mid-run head turns to check on us :)
We came upon two bunnies, and I told them it was the Easter Bunny...
They were so cute hunting him down

Landon hung out in the stroller the whole time... he's so content most of the time
Dyson is showing off some serious walking skills these days... he started just shy of ten months.
Landon keeps looking at him like "what the heck are you doing?" lol... totally getting shown up!
Really Ryder? Cross-eyes and all....
I think Ryder needs to find a friend who isn't naturally tan... it doesn't do him any good :)
Such a gorgeous night!
As a newly-learning photographer, seeing this sky made me want to beg the kids to do some cute pose on this railing to capture this beautiful sky. Unfortunately they were all soaked from the water fountain, Sophia's hair was down, and they were all covered in dirt and cranky... Oh well... next time :)
We have really been enjoying ourselves staying so busy lately :)