Friday, March 9, 2012

Landon Brennan is 10 Months old

Ok... he was ten months on February 23rd, but whatever :) What stands out about you to me right now is just how on the go and into everything you are. You spend more time discovering new things now then actually playing with toys. Believe it or not it's decently enjoyable. The only thing we have to pick up when you are on the floor is the dog food, but other then that you're pretty free to roam the house. You do eat dog food more often then i'd like to admit. I mean does it taste good? What keep you going back for me little guy?!

The biggest change with you this month was your two new bottom teeth. We are very close to a top tooth and one next to that on the top (but not a center one). I honestly don't think they could come in any more without actually popping through. You have battling a serious case of diarrhea for the past week and a half that I was blaming on that silly tooth. It seemed to be going on for way too long though so we visited the doctor yesterday. They are doing some testing and hopefully in the mean time it runs it course, and your little belly is feeling better :)

You have almost completley given up your army crawl for real crawling. You seem to be on the exact same track with your physical progression as your brother which means you'll probably be a late walker as well. I've seen you let go of things for only a few seconds, but nothing too impressive yet.

Your hair is still your biggest stand out feature. People seriously go crazy over your hair! I am stopped multiple times any time we are out by people commenting on it. I have to admit that I kind of love it too :) Someone even described you the other day as "so blonde" which was odd to me since you are my dark haired baby. I guess you are a blonde now, but compared to your brother your hair will always be dark to me. Your skin is a darker shade as well. It's not hard to eb darker then Ryder :) we've been to the beach a few times now and haven't had any issues with the sun like Ryder does. I am so thankful your skin isn't as sensitive as his.

We packed up all your baby clothes and sold them this month. You are now in 18 month clothes and even quite a few larger things that we have around. You are in size 4 diapers still, and I have no clue with shoes. They just bug you at this point, and since you aren't walking and it isn't cold there isn't really a need.

Food has been a high and low point for us this month. When you are feeling great you eat amazing! Your favorite food is veggies, and you turn away most fruits except banana. You take almost no baby food. Of course you decided to start turning down baby food just as I had stocked up on a ton of it. I've been tryign to get you to eat a jar or two every few days so we can get rid of it. It's odd to me how you have such a love for veggies and don't care for fruit because your Daddy, brother, and I are all huge fruit eaters. It does make my heart happy to put a whole tray of peas, green beans, and carrots down for you and watch you eat them all up and happily eat some more. You take two bottles a day still after your afternoon nap and right before bed. We have been working on the sippy cup so we can transition to milk when you turn one, but you hate them. Ryder is thrilled because he has so many new sippy cups, but you aren't liking any of the kinds we've tried. I think Ryder wasn't a fan either at first so i'm hoping you get it soon. I'd love to be done with bottles when you turn one like Ryder was! Of course the last week with food has been a struggled because of your belly issues, but i've noticed you appetire increase in the last twenty-four hours. I'm hoping we are getting back to normal.

Since our move your sleep schedule has been great. I knew you needed your own room, and am very thankful we have our good sleeper back. You sleep about 12-13 hours a night, and take about 3-4 hours worth of naps a day. Sometimes you opt to get that whoel nap in the morning and sometimes you break it up into two naps. I like when you break it up since Ryder naps in the afternoon :)

As for your bag of tricks... You love to clap. You think it's the answer to anything when we try to get you to do stuff. You can wave bye-bye. You usually wait for people to walk away though. I taught you how to give kisses a week ago, and we all love it! It is so sweet, and you love to do it all the time. You have started to dance like crazy and also get sucked into cartoons with your brother. You get so excited whenever the music starts up. I think Bubble Guppies is your favorite with Mickey Mouse being a close second. I do wonder if you will talk sooner then Ryder did. Ryder didn't talk until after two, but you just seem to be so into watching us talk and looking as if you want to just repeat us. I guess time will tell... we have a while for that :)

You and your brother still love each other so much. You always want to be with him, and he wants to be with you, but you guys have struggled to find a happy medium of playtime. Ryder tends to be too rough, but is usually doing his best to get your attention. You LOVE to ruin Ryder's races and "monster jam" play. He has learned to play while you are sleeping and to pick it up when you wake up if he doesn't want you getting into it. Given how strong willed Ryder is I truly think the two of you do amazing with each other.

I also think your relationship with you Daddy has skyrocketed this month. I had a hard time when Ryder was born, and Derrik wasn't into every little coo or smile Ryder threw our way. I remember right before Ryder's first birthday as he began to play and be more interactive that I saw this amazing relationship start to develop. The same thing is happening now with Derrik and Landon, and it just makes my heart happy. Just this past weekend Derrik took Ryder down to the dog track for the night. I kept Landon with me, and know that so soon he'll be ditching me too to go places with his Daddy :(

Sorry if this post didn't make sense. No time to re-read it since Landon is waking up, and Ryder has asked me to get up and get stuff for him ten times since I started typing this :) I put the pictures all at the bottom. I'm not sure any of them are quality pictures. He is so fast now that I have to snap one picture and jump up to catch him before he falls off the bed.

Going in for the kiss

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