Saturday, March 3, 2012

Disney Day 3: Nickelodeon Suites

I guess day 3 at Disney wasn't exactly Disney, but you get the point :) We decided that the water park there was too cool to pass up, and hopefully it would allow us to get home at a decent hour for school the next day.

As you can tell from this picture Ryder was pretty psyched to get out there!

The besties again

It might be hard to see, but he has a super excited face on again :)
This kid cooperates so well for pictures :)
The view of all the waterslides they were going on
Landon enjoyed the splash pad for the littlier kids
I know this is an awkward picture, but I thought his facial expression was too cute to pass up!

It started drizzling out, and we decided to call it a day. Before we left we went for some lunch in the cafeteria at the hotel. We lucked out and went just when Dora and Sponge Bob were there!! I honestly thought Ryder would care less because he had kind of lost interest in the characters after the first day. He loved on Dora, and she kept coming up to him and hugging him while we waited for our food. She even came up to our table and kept signing "i love you" to Ryder. He was so excited over it all!
Landon continued to be less than impressed
Sponge Bob came out a little later... Ryder was still just as excited :) It was so funny when Ryder went up with his autograph and pen and tried to get Sponge Bob to hold one with each hand because he didn't realize his hands are still and his arms just go up and down. We got a good laugh...
Giving Sponge Bob one final hug
Sponge Bob asked for a high-five
And I honesly thought Ryder was going to knock the arm off of the costume! This is Sponge Bob pretending to call over while Ryder is laughing at him.
We had such an amazing trip!!!
Thank you Daddy for letting us go!
Thank you Mack for getting Grammy the hotel room and tickets for Christmas!!
Thank you Grammy for taking us!!!
We love you all!!!

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