Saturday, March 10, 2012

B-Ball Season Comes to an End

Today was the final game of our basketball season. The whole team came such a long way from that first chaotic practice. Of course we did manage to dwindle at least half the team away :) Ryder learned so much this season, and scored three hoops in his last game!! He gets so excited every time he gets a shot in. We will miss our Monday practices and Saturday games with these boys and Coach Matt, but hopefully will be seeing them all soon!

Cole, Cameron, and Ryder after they got their medals

Cole, Cameron, Ryder, and Connor
(I guess we missed the C theme in boys names a few years back!)

A team picture with Coach Matt.... Thanks for a great season!!
One last time... Go Red!
My boys enjoying their snack :)
And Landon's babysitter from the season... AKA Cameron's sisters :)
Thanks for helping keep Landon happy Sophia and Cici!
Awesome season! We can't wait for next year!!

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