Monday, August 31, 2009

Not Me Monday

Are you feeling guilty for eating all the cereal you said was for the kids? Laden with remorse because you took a nap at your desk when your boss wasn't looking? Overcome with embarrassment when your child sticks their hand down their pants at the mall? We'll don't be! Not Me! Monday was born out of my desire to admit some of my imperfections and reveal a few moments I'd rather forget. You may find it therapeutic to join in and do the same thing!

Quite a few fellow bloggers participate in Not Me! Monday... I have never participated before, but am feeling a little "not me" this week so I figured i'd go ahead and participate.

I did not have to throw away all sentimental stuff from my sons 1st birthday party because we were once again packing our cars up to move. Never... not me!

I did not take well over eight hundred pictures at the beach last weekend because I can't keep anything that takes up physical space. Not me... I never have my camera in anyones face taking pictures. I would never do that!

I did not have to pack up my sons precious clothes to give to Good-Will because we didn't have any space, and keeping track of a consignment shop to get paid would have been too hard.

I did not almost tear up leaving my sons bath seat at the dumpster hoping that another Mommy would stumble across it before it got thrown in the trash.

I didn't insist that their be room in the car for the baby carseat that Ryder outgrew almost six months ago. I didn't try to convince myself we will use it for a second child when he comes along. I am not in denial that i'll buy all new stuff when child number two comes along because I most certainly do not have a shopping problem!

Derrik and I most certainly didn't return our third flat screen t.v. to Wal-Mart since February because we keep moving and don't have room in our car to fit our own. We would never stoop that low and try to cheat the system. Never! Not us!

We would definitely never be moving out son, who is one year and one week old, to his fifth state! We would never ever do that to try to achieve this crazy dream of major league baseball!

While packing up the apartment and emptying the fourth fridge so far this year (yes it gets very expensive!), I most certainly didn't polish off the the ice cream cake we had in the fridge to try to avoid more waste! I would NEVER do that while throwing the fruit away into the trash can.

I didn't once again have to say good-bye to great friends and move to another state. It would be absolutely crazy to have to say emotional good-byes for the millionth time this year!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Desert Q&A

First off... We had to stop not too long after making it into Texas last night because our cat, Turbo, decided she was done with her cage and started crying like crazy. They do love to sleep, but I think at about the twelve hour point she wanted to eat and go to the bathroom also. We stayed at an awful hotel. Only about $15.00 cheaper then the night before and we were scared for our lives! I love when i'm trying to suck it up and cuddle up to my husband who is suppose to protect me, and he tells me he'd rather sleep in the car because the hotel room freaks him out! We found a spider before we went to bed, a dead cricket, and three spiders in the shower this morning! YUCK! Anyhow... we survived... and have been in the desert for what feels like days! Which leads to our Q&A... we'll ask the questions... you answer! Because well... we don't know the answers....

1. The cows... in the middle of no where with no signs of life is cows! How do they eat? Who is taking care of them? Who thought it was a good idea to put them out there with no shade? Just doesn't seem fair!

2. What is with all the little bridges with River so-and-so and Creek so-and-so signs? There is NO water underneath them! Was there water at one point in time? Are they hoping by naming it a river or creek that it will bring on the water? I'm so confused!

3. The wind-mill looking things in the middle of nothing. Ok I know they spin and it shows there is wind, but what is the point of them? Is someone using them for something? I know I always see them in pictures and stuff arounds farms, but these are in the middle of no where. We need to know their purpose.

4. People made us think the desert was this big sandy area with no trees. There are LOTS of trees... all over... is this the desert? I mean it still looks barren, but we are not lacking in trees.

5. Random homes out here. There are hundreds of miles between these barren towns. Who lives out here? What do they do with their lives?

6. The random barrels, standing posts, tractors, old trucks... we see them all the time in random spots all by there lonesome out here. Did someone have hope of something happening in the middle of no where... start something for like a day or a week and then give up? Makes no sense?

7. This whole barren place is fenced off! Derrik wants to know if they are just trying to create the worlds longest fence?! Do individual people own all of this desert out here and just do nothing with it? Does the state own it? At some point in time when our ancestors found this country someone claimed it... did they sell it off? Anyhow... this fence? It's soo random! It's been going for miles for no reason at all!

8. Back to the cows.... the cattle... the steer? I keep saying "see the cows!" and Derrik is saying he thinks they are cattle... although he isn't sure he really even knows what he is talking about! He thinks one makes hamburger, one makes steaks, one makes milk... help us out?

9. Radio stations... literally at one point our radio dial just keep going and had no station! For a LONG time! And there were homes there! Could you imagine living in a place that literally didn't even have one staticky radio station?

10. So some of these mountains out here look fake! There literally is flat ground then it shots straight up, straight across, and straight back down. It looks like someone made it with their farm toys. I know there are lots of different answers as to how they formed, and it kind of gets into the evolution vs. creation theory. It is all so interesting though! I could look at it for days.... oh yeah.. I have! How did it all get like this?

We'll were off to our millionth potty break.... help us out on our Q&A!!!

And he turned 1 on me...

Last Tuesday he did it... Ryder went and turned all "big boy" on me and turned 1! We tried to keep the big day simple since we had so much chaos going on throughout the weekend. I found a place called Monkey Playhouse which has a ball pit, rice pit, bounce house, play house, and lots of toys! Ryder loved it! We let him then take a nap, did cake, had dinner out at Carrabba's, and called it a day. It was a great low-key day. Ryder did great all day and now is a big boy!

Uncle Ryan showed up for lunch :)
Like my cake decorating skills? It tasted good... that is all that matters!
"Mom... this hat again?"
Is this for me?
Want some?!

That's it for the birthday folks... I hope you enjoyed the multiple post and all the pictures. It was a great vacation/birthday for us before our big move!

Birthday Presents and Some Family Photos

Thank you so much for all of Ryder's birthday presents! I would love to tell you all that he loves them, but after we opened them we traveled the next two days and then he went up to Cape Cod. His toys all fit into the car and are making their trek to Arizona as I type. I know he will love each and every one of them, and as for the clothes.... his Momma will love each and every one of them :)Also a huge thanks for all the gift cards! We have wanted to get Ryder a few bigger toys that we have been trying to hold out on until the move. We will definitely be making a trip to the toy store to purchase those for him! I was not picking favorites with the pictures of presents I put below... just simply the ones Ryder chose to look at the camera for!


Our big boy waiting to open his presents
Thank You Nicolosi Family for the Elmo balloon!
Ryder loved it, and I believe his dear friend Dakota is enjoying him now since we knew Elmo wouldn't survive the car ride with the heat and cats.
Ryder is going to love these blocks!
Ryder's girlfriend SoSo knows how to make her man look good!
Love the jean jacket SoSo!
The Lutz Family
Fort Myers Beach
August 2009
Ryder with his Mommy and Grammy
Papa, Mommy, Ryder, MiMi, and Daddy
Pictures with our family and Papi
Grandparents again.... what a lucky guy Ryder is to have sooo many grandparents!
Family Photo... My side of the family... just who happened to be there at the moment
At Last... a nice photo of the two of us! These are few and far between these days.
My husband is so handsome :)
Auntie Ally... Ryder Loves You!
Grandpa and Grammy

Papi and Ryder
Sisters.... Love you girls!

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Exit 878 that is... That is what we saw as we crossed over the Louisiana border into Texas. I was excited to get into Texas because I have never been here before, but I have a feeling by some point tomorrow I will be well over it! We have to make it to exit 1 before we cross into New Mexico tomorrow. Sound fun?!

Our trip so far has been pretty simple. I guess after our last two road trips with the little one along we realize just having adults and pets is fairly simple. We have stopped a few times for gas and meals, but other then that have been chugging along these southern highways. We have well surpassed what we needed to today to make this a three day road trip so we plan on driving until Derrik feels sleepy and then calling it a day.

We have taken a few pictures today, and my parents have been great about sending us pictures of Ryder so i'll put some pictures into our posts tomorrow...

Good Night Ya'll..... Texas is getting to me :)

Ryder's 1st Birthday Party

Ahh the much awaited birthday party pictures!

Ryder helping Mommy set up for his big party!
He makes this face a lot lately... it's pretty goofy!
Welcome to our little man's 1st birthday party
One of the party favors for the kids
Happy 1st Birthday Ryder... Loved this banner :)
The Lutz Family the day of the party
Ryder with his mommy and Aunties...
Yes Ally is pretty much taller then me now and is only 11!
Ryder with his Grammy and Grandpa
Ryder and his Papi
Ryder starting to show signs that planning a beach birthday party after three previous days on the beach was a BAD idea!
Amanda and Courtney enjoying the pool
The Birthday Cake
Ryder waiting for his cake... eyes wouldn't stop watering from the sunscreen/sun/exhaustion of the week we had already had....
Dakota and his mommy Nicole
Jack being as cute as ever!
Oh Papi! You are SO goofy!
Auntie Ally's head was too big for the little kid party hats
A candid shot of the birthday hats
Amanda and SoSo
The Birthday Cake.... With Ryder's cake to do what he pleased with....
An attempt at a group shot of the kids
And one Dakota didn't get cut out of...
I'm the Birthday Boy!
Wasn't a huge fan of his cake... I think it had to do with his exhaustion...
I'll prove it to you in a later post :)
We decided to put the cake on the ground and let the kids play in it
The aftermath
Happy again with his paci and his bull-dozer
Papi letting Ryder splash around in the cooler of beer
Daddy comforting his little boy after a long long long day... and weekend!