Saturday, August 29, 2009


Exit 878 that is... That is what we saw as we crossed over the Louisiana border into Texas. I was excited to get into Texas because I have never been here before, but I have a feeling by some point tomorrow I will be well over it! We have to make it to exit 1 before we cross into New Mexico tomorrow. Sound fun?!

Our trip so far has been pretty simple. I guess after our last two road trips with the little one along we realize just having adults and pets is fairly simple. We have stopped a few times for gas and meals, but other then that have been chugging along these southern highways. We have well surpassed what we needed to today to make this a three day road trip so we plan on driving until Derrik feels sleepy and then calling it a day.

We have taken a few pictures today, and my parents have been great about sending us pictures of Ryder so i'll put some pictures into our posts tomorrow...

Good Night Ya'll..... Texas is getting to me :)

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