Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ryder's Favorite Things

Ryder's favorite thing to have or do seem to never stop changing since in the past 11 1/2 months he's gone from newborn to crazy baby! Now though it is funny the things we realize we might not be able to make it a day without... and they aren't always what you'd expect!

Favorite Thing #1 - Clapping: This boy LOVES to clap! He will literally clap for anything. Make an excited voice... he claps. Tell him he's a good boy... he claps. Eats a piece of food I give him... he claps. Yup he is VERY proud of himself and everyone around him and loves to get them a round of applause! I realize he was quite obsessed with this during his breakfast routine in the morning. The only time he watches tv is for the 10-15 minutes he sits in his highchair and eats breakfast. I am usually very busy at this time trying to get work done so he sits and watches his girlfriend Kelly Ripa on t.v. (no my son does not like cartoons... weird I know) Well they clap a lot during Regis and Kelly and he gets so excited and claps right along with the audience. Makes my heart melt when I see him do this :)

Favorite Thing #2 - The Ball Pit: Oh Gosh! Ryder loves his ball pit! I'm sure you have seen it in the background of many of our pictures, and we put it to great use! Derrik got the idea from his old Single A coach. He saw him during his rehabbing, and he mentioned how his son Cole loves his ball pit. So Ryder's wonderful Daddy came home one afternoon with goodies in hand. He blew up a huge plastic pool in the middle of our living room and put balls in it. Lucky for me the huge one popped last week, and we now have a smaller one. He just loves this though. By the time the afternoon hits we have balls everywhere! It is helping me with my aim though because Derrik keeps track of how many times I throw the balls from across the room back into the pool and miss. I have about a 50/50 rate going (which is very good for me). It is also a great workout for me because I spend a lot of time bending over and getting back up throwing these balls into the pool... usually get pretty dizzy!

Favorite Thing #3 - Screaming: This child LOVES to scream! It is the reason we can not longer frequent our favorite restaurant. He literally pierces my ears sometimes with how loud he can get his voice. He does it all the time for all sorts of reason. He does it if he's excited, if he isn't getting what he wants right away, and sometimes just for fun. This video is of him doing it just for fun the other morning while I was working.

Favorite Thing #4 - The Pacifier: Or better known as the "paci" in our house. Probably because we have to say it so many times a day that we don't have time to say the whole word. Yes, I know, he should really be getting rid of this thing at this point. We were making a very good effort at doing just that until "favorite thing #3" poppped up around early July. Now the paci has become sometime that we will attempt to give up later. As far as I'm concerned a baby looks cute with one until about the age of two... so we're still good to go for about another year. We need the paci so we can be out in public and not have the fear that Ryder will scream and we'll have no means of stopping it. The other day I realized when we were going down the water slide that we hit the bottom of the slide and he still had one in his mouth! He literally has this thing suction cupped into his mouth all the time. So Mr. Paci is here to stay!

Favorite Thing #5 - Dried Fruit: Ryder is going to turn into a piece of dried fruit soon if he doesn't stop eating this. I know it is loaded with sugar, but it is somewhat fruit. Sometime I have to count my blessings and get what I can into that little boys mouth. Needless to say this is something he has yet to turn down... i'm sure he will in the morning though!

Favorite Thing #6 - The Bulldozer: While visiting Cape Cod up in July, Ryder loved pushing around my sisters Barbie car. I was hoping it was because of the way it moved and not because it was Barbie. When we got home we went to Walmart to look for something like this that he could push and ended up walking out with this $4.00 bulldozer... i'd spend $100 if I knew the peace of mind this little toy would give me! This bulldozer is Ryder favorite thing in the world! He will search through the whole basket of toys every morning to find it. He pushes this bulldozer over all of his toys, across the couches, window sills, tables, up the walls. It is amazing to watch him, and I so wonder what goes through his precious little mind as he is playing this this toy. The best part... He makes broom, broom, broom noises as he pushes is all over the apartment. The bulldozer will definitely be a toy in the "yes" pile for the move to Arizona!

So there ya have it! These are the things that help my little man make it through the day. I hope you enjoyed :)

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