Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What We've Got So Far...

So Ryder and I sat down and had a serious talk about how I'd really appreciate it if he could walk before his first birthday. About two weeks ago I thought it was completely a lost cause because he was making no attempt what-so-ever! Since then we are taking very baby steps towards real baby steps! (I guess you can't use "baby steps" to describe a baby actually taking steps because it might get you excited that it's actually happening.... when it's not!) So anyhow... Ryder scales furniture with no problem, pushes his push cart (more like running), practically runs when we help him with two hands, and is walking pretty decent when we offer him one hand for support. I know the key to walking on his own means standing on his own first. This has been a hard task because...well... he's an 11 1/2 month old that has an attention span of like a half a second. Derrik and I have noticed he is letting go of the furniture when he's not thinking of it when he is playing with toys or reachin for something. This tells us we know he can do it! Every day we practice very hard at working on it. He is now standing long enough to get it on video. I know your going to watch this video and think "that's it?", but it a lot more then last week. Last week he would stand for like a second... yesterday on tape we got three seconds out of him! And in the video I posted we got about the same. I know he can do this by his birthday! I feel like it's the same steps we went through with sitting. He went from wobbling for a split second to sitting for minutes within a few weeks. So LOTS of hard work will be going into this... and hopefully we'll have a walking boy for the big day!



Aunti Ally said...

YAY:) Good Effort Ryder hopefully he will get by his birthday and even my when we take him back up here with us:)

<3 Aunti Ally

Jen and girls said...

Danielle you're so cute. When you have baby #2 you won't be rushing this task at all:) You're probably going to get him just ready to do it for your parents when they take him back. He looks so cute and we can't wait to see you guys!!!