Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Great Times with Old Friends

On Sunday two of my childhood best friends drove up to come visit Ryder and I and head to the water park. We have been quite lucky to see Amanda and her little girl Sophia quite a bit in the last few months, but had yet to be able to work things out to visit with Courtney. They all made the trip up to Sarasota from Fort Myers and we headed to Ryder's favorite place... the water park!

Ryder and Sophia checking the place out
Sophia trying to figure out what she thinks of this place
Ugh yeah... he remembered what to do...
"Mom... I love this place!!!"
Amanda trying to convince Sophia to like it too
Playing in the water sprinklers
Ryder going off with his favorite toy... his bull-dozer
Mommy and Ryder
Courtney with the babies
Good Friends :)
Amanda and Soso
Courtney making Ryder laughTime to get all the yucky chlorine off... bath time!
Getting some comfy clothes on after a long day
Some last minute play time in the ball pit
Ryder has such a pretty girlfriend :)
I had the best time with these girls on Sunday! We grew up racing BMX together and spent our childhood traveling all of the country together. We have some of the best memories together. A big group of us kind of lost touch through our later high school and college days, but in the end it's them we always run back to :) It is going to make leaving this area bitter sweet in a few weeks... i'm going to miss these girls all over again. At least we still have a few more get-togethers to go :)

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