Sunday, August 16, 2009


On Friday at about 4:15 Derrik and I realized we had no obligations to anybody or anything until Sunday morning when Derrik had to show up for rehab. We weren't quite sure what to do with ourselves, but knew we needed to do something. By 4:30 we were in the car rushing to the Vet in the Publix plaza down the road to board Chloe for the week. We ran back to the apartment, packed, and were on the road to Disney World by 5:15!!! We stopped on the way there and had some amazing Cracker Barrel. We got to Disney around 8ish, checked into our amazing hotel (Derrik booked it while I packed), and walked to Downtown Disney (right across the street from our hotel) for some fun! Nothing is better then having a go-with-the-flow baby when we decide to do stuff like this. Even though we didn't even get to Orlando until after his bedtime he was still so happy hanging out with mommy and daddy!

Ryder on Daddy's shoulder trying to watch the show going on.
I believe it was a yo-yo champion
Ryder loved the T-Rex restaurant/gift shop.
He was in awe of all the dinosaurs!
The next morning we were up at about 7:15. We took showers, packed up our stuff, and drove the car across the street to Downtown Disney to park it there for the day. We got breakfast at Micky D's there and got to play with a couple things that we couldn't the night before due to the crazy crowds.
Ryder with the Lego pups
Ryder and Buzz Lightyear... he just loves this kind of stuff!
Ryder and Da-Da waiting to catch the bus to the Magic Kingdom
I have some cute boys huh?

We made it!!! Ryder and his daddy in front of the castle!
Mommy and Ryder in front of the castle
Our first ride was the tea-cups. Just watching them in line made me sick, and Derrik was thinking the same thing. I told him as long as we didn't turn the wheel inside the tea cup we'd be just fine. We'll once on Derrik realized when he turned the wheel that Ryder absolutely loved it!!! So he kept spinning! Luckily we got over our nauciousness pretty quick and didn't have any lingering affects.

Loving the tea-cups

After the tea-cups we headed over to toon-town and walked through Mickey's house. Ryder didn't think too much of this since he doesn't really know who Mickey is yet. We realized after walking through Mickey's house that you can do a meet-and-greet with Mickey. We walked into a room and were told it was a twenty minute wait. Only twenty minutes? We got this! We were unprepared for twenty minutes in a line with no stroller with our crazy 11 1/2 month old. I was about ready to call it quits when it went through my head that Ryder didn't even care because he doesn't even know who Mickey is. We stuck it out anyhow and I am sooo glad because when Ryder saw Mickey his eyes lit up! He lovedddd him... and Minnie!
Trying to convice Ryder he can NOT crawl on the nasty floor in line!
Ryder's 1st time meeting Mickey and Minnie
Could have stayed and played ALL day!
Not too long after his meet-n-greet with Mickey Mouse Ryder pooped out on us! It was a little after his regular nap time at this point so we went and fast-passed the Winnie the Pooh ride and got a freebie fast pass for Mickey's Philhar-Magic. While we waited for our fast-pass times to approach, we let the little man get a power nap while his mommy and daddy went and found a quiet air-conditioned place to grab some lunch and escape the August Florida heat.
We ended up waking Ryder up about forty-five minutes into his nap to go watch the Mickey's Philhar-Magic. This is a 3-D show where you sit in seats and watch the show. I had taken Ryder into it when we went back in January, and he didn't have a problem. Looks like he might have developed a little more sense to his surroundings because he did not like when the water sprayed on him and had two quick melt downs. Nothing too traumatic, but was definitely his least favorite of the day.
Ryder opted to chew his glasses instead of wear them... ugh the germs!
We then used our next fast-pass to get on the Winnie-the-Pooh ride which you just sit in a cart and they take you through the story. He did great on this ride and liked looking around at everything going on. We then headed over to, Mommy's favorite, It's a Small World! I wasn't sure what he would think, but really seemed to love it as much as I do.
Ryder's face when he first sees the entrance to It's a Small World
We then had to find a good spot so we could watch the parade. I was pretty sure Ryder would like the parade because he loves seeing all the characters. We had about thirty minutes to blow before the parade started so I went and got Ryder a hotdog for lunch since he missed out when we ate. After I bought the most ridiculously priced hotdog in the world ($5.95!), Ryder decided that he didn't want that for lunch today! I literally should have given him a five dollar bill to throw on the ground. Oh Well.... he loved his Mickey ice cream daddy went and bought him!

His cute Mickey ice cream
Ryder also realized in this picture one of his puff snacks was still stuck to his hand from earlier.
During the parade Ryder decided to blow out his diaper. I'm sure the crowd around him thoroughly enjoyed the aroma, but I refused to leave to change it after we had waited for so long. Luckily the baby care center was close by so we got to strip Ryder down and cool him off during his diaper change. Once we thought we had helped him re-group for a fun second half of the day... he pooped out on us!!!
Out Cold
This pictures makes my day! It has been months since I have had Ryder fall asleep and let me hold him. This goes to show how exhausted he was. We took him out of the stroller, onto the Peter Pan ride, and put him back in his stroller and he never woke up! We tried so hard to wake him up for the ride, but he refused! He is obviously not a Peter Pan fan. We then walked over to the Buzz-Lightyear ride and Ryder loved it. He sat on my lap as I absolutely crushed his daddy! You have two controls to shoot at targets, and I couldn't have been more proud to have beat Derrik! We went on this ride years back when we first started dating and I beat him then too. I dont beat Derrik at ANYTHING! It wasn't mentioned, but I know he planned on gaining the title of Buzz Lighyear champ! I am still rubbing it in that he didn't beat me once again :)

Picture of the picture taken while we were on the ride.
You can see Ryder's little head on my lap if you look real close.
Playing in the gift shop after the ride
Why am I in jail guys?!
My sweet boys :)
After Buzz Lighyear we headed to another part of the park and went on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and did the Jungle Safari. Ryder once again loved both rides.
Meeting Captain Hook
We had such a great day together! It was such an amazing time seeing out little man have some much fun! I hope you enjoyed the pictures and wish you all could have been there to see his eyes light up when he got to meet Mickey Mouse!
My one last request to Derrik at the end of the day.... a family picture! Didn't come out the best... but we had to get one :)
The Lutz Family


Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a great time! I love spur of the moment adventures!! Thanks for sharing all the pics.

Aunt Karen

Aunt Gina said...

It looks like you had so much fun. I wish I was coming down next week for his birthday but I can't wait to come to Arizona.

The Denove's said...

Looks like so much fun!!! I wish I could have gone too......soooo jealous.

Lea Liz said...

How much fun!!! I wish we could just hop in the car and head to disney for a quick trip!! I can't wait to take Brody when he gets older!!! Looks like you all had a great time!!

It's a small world is my fav. ride too:)