Saturday, August 29, 2009

Beach Photos

Next time I go to the beach I might just leave the camera behind because posting all of these is crazy! BUT I have had SOO many requests to get them up I sorted through and got some of the best ones. (Promise the birthday party ones are next!)

My Little Beach Bum
Ryder with his Grandpa
(he made this face quite a bit from the sun)
Getting a tan with Amanda and Courtney
This is one of a great sequence shot of him crashing the sand castle! He loved doing that!
Ryder with his girlfriend Sophia enjoying the Florida beaches
Just hanging out
Mommy and her Birthday Boy
Papi and Daddy finally made it down to the beach :)
The Winter's and The Reeve's
Ryder getting to show his Papi how much he loves the water
Ally and Erin
Papi we're so glad you came to enjoy the sun and some birthday fun!

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