Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Fun Day at the Park

My computer has been silly lately and picks and chooses when it wants to let me upload photos so these pictures come a little late. Last week Derrik was on one of his off days and had spent a longggg day at home with Ryder and I. He began to see why I go so stir crazy and needed to get out of the house! We went down to a park and had the best time. We got to watch people fish, check out some yachts (dreamt about which one we'd buy when Derrik makes it to the bigs!), did some swinging, played on the playground, and watched some kids play in the water fountain. I saw watched because Mom was ready to strip him down to his diaper and let him go have a blast with all the other kiddos playing and having a great time, but boring Dad said no... next time. I gave him a hard time about how he is going to be such an un-cool dad, but he later admitted he was just too hot. We were going to head down there Friday night to try the fountain out, but it rained... go figure! I'm sure we'll be there soon enough.

Family Photo... These don't happen much!

My boys on the swing watching some people fish
Ok so we have tried to put Ryder down a slide a few times now, and all he does is stick to them. He isn't a big fan at all, and usually get fustrated because they are also kind of hot. We let him sit at the bottom the other day and this is what happened....
Florida shouldn't be allowed to have slides... the kids just stick to them!

Whenever we go to the playgrounds they are always pretty dangerous for Ryder being so young, but this playground had one on ground level that was perfect for him. Here he is attempted to crawl through the tunnel for the first time.... (I had to crawl through it first for him to know what to do... it wasn't a pretty site!)

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