Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fun In The Sun... and an update on our crazy lifes!

My family flew down last Wednesday to Fort Myers to visit for a week and, of course, to celebrate Ryder's first birthday. Ryder and I spent Thursday til Sunday down on the beach with them, while Derrik was a trooper and did lots of driving back and forth to be with us while he still rehabbed. We got to see lots of friends and family, and have lots of pictures. Here are the pictures from Thursday. Derrik had the day off, so we actually got him down to the beach! This day in particular Ryder spent about an hour crawling on the beach, about three hours in the pool, chowed dinner, and went back down to the beach for sunset. He lovessss the beach!

Were on the beach!
Our camera was foggy from the change from the a.c. to the heat
Those waves look pretty cool!
"Hey Dada... This way to the water"
Let's splash around!
Here comes a wave!
Daddy trying to get Ryder back towards the water...
Our little dare-devil
Yes, the bull-dozer made the trip to the beach....
It got put to good use at the beach and pool all weekend!
My hubby throwing the football... with his left arm of course
Auntie Hailey and her best friend Emily hanging with Ryder
Ryder wondering what this thing is.... definitely not a baseball like he's use to
We were changing into a swimmer diaper and couldn't resist...
We figured Ryder was done when he feet shrivelled up like this!

In Moving News:

My family headed home today to Cape Cod and took Ryder with them while Derrik and I pack, move, and get settled. Saying good-bye to Ryder is the most awful feeling in the entire world. I fought back and forth with myself about letting him go because I miss him so much, but I know he's going to have a great time with my family and would be miserable moving and driving across the country with us. Breaks my heart to leave the little man, but we are already counting donw the days until we get to see him again!!!

Derrik and I have begun the packing process. My grandparents are coming tomorrow to pick up the couch and bed we borrowed, lots of packing Thursday, Derriks last day of rehab on Friday, and then off to Arizona either Friday afternoon or Saturday morning!

Let the fun begin!

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The Stevens Family said...

Love the toosh picture! Can't resist them sometimes, although is rather dangerous with no diapers! :) Best of luck with the next few days---moving, being away from Ryder, and everything else in between. It'll all be over soon! Not sure when we will see you again next, but hopefully it won't be too long!