Thursday, June 19, 2014

Easter 2014

Easter was nice and simple this year… Saturday we started our morning dying eggs together

The we all got dressed and headed out for the Easter egg hunt….

Landon won his beloved (nasty!) bunny at the Easter egg hunt last year, and won ANOTHER one this year!! It was funny to see how run down his favorite one was. It just so happens that my sister Ally always slept with two babies (you can see the one in the picture) growing up. The past few times she has left one with Landon to keep because he gets sad when she leaves. So now she has his other bunny :)
The Easter Bunny came!!
 Easter was very low key for us. Derrik headed back to work that day so we had decided instead of sleeping in he'd get up early with us, and then go back to bed while the kids played with their new toys. 

Up bright and early! 
 Loved their stuff
 Once my boys were done getting all their naps in we headed over for Me-Maw and Poppy's Easter egg hunt

 Daddy then left us for work which left me to hang out with these knuckleheads… love them!! 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The little things in April

April was a busy month for us. I'll blog some of the bigger things that happened at the end of the month later, but since the beginning was a little more low key we'll start with the "smaller" moments in April… which are sometimes just as sweet and the big moments :)

My sweet boy and I are the doctors. I spared all the awful pictures of his mouth and went with this sweet picture. We thought he had strep throat, but it ended up being this awful viral thing that left sores all of his mouth, and his gums became SO swollen. His mouth bled if anything touched it. So thankful to be past that sickness
 Ryder's team photo
 That smile...
 Love out time outside with Miss Kenzie
 Mimi and Uncle Bobby stopped by for a day visit on their way from Florida to Massachusetts. I love that we are such a convenience resting spot for our loved ones when they make that trek :) 

 and when they exhaust my kids!! Score for mom! 
 Visiting with the Easter Bunny at the Easter Breakfast
 Who wouldn't love lawnmower rides with Poppy?
 Uncle Scott, Aunt Karen, and Jane stayed overnight at our house so Aunt Karen could get some more rest instead of driving in the morning for her Hershey Park 10k. We made it just in in time to watch her cross the finish  line. She's such an inspiration to make me run harder!!! 

Cupcakes for awesome report cards!! 

 Facetime date to open Easter baskets from Grammy
 Which resulted in dinner with Auntie Ally

 First Hershey Park trip of the year… time to measure up
 A Hershey bar which has resulted in him riding in coasters that make me nervous!! He loves it!!

This kiddo turned 11!! And goes to middle school next year. He was the cutest baby when Derrik and I started dating. Slow down Cole!! 
My Easter bunnies :)

 We love sunset walks in our neighborhood
 Blowing out some candles on his actual birthday

 Some flowers Landon picked for me on a walk :)
 The walking trail at our house… we love it :)
 And someone bought some goggles for his trip to Florida, but before we do that we have to rewind slightly to Easter and a certain little ones birthday party :)