Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What We've Been Up To...

Everyone has been asking what we've been up to. I guess typical "moved to a new town stuff". The boys had LOTS of family to meet and get caught up with. Ryder I think has officially sorted through everyones names and faces and has it down. It was A LOT to remember!! We've been getting the house settled, bills set up, learning our way (well me anyhow) around town, going to parks, baseball games, Hershey Park, and just enjoying ourselves. Here are some pictures for some proof....

After much inticipation the boys finally reunited!!
Ryder was SOOO excited to get to Cole and Dalton's house to play!!!

(He was excited to meet Me-Maw, Poppy, and Uncle Tommy as well)
 Hanging out in Me-Maw and Poppy's lawn
 Feeding the fish in their pond
 And of course... swimming in their pool!
 Ryder had a fun first night in the new tub
 Enjoying hoodies on our first cool day :)
 Uncle Scott (my mom's brother) and Aunt Karen live about an hour away and came to visit while my grandparents were in town.

 Ryder checking out the Hershey Park roller coasters and a train going by while at the post office
 Pizza with his Uncles... He acts like he's known these two his whole life! It's great :) and he truly loves them already!!
 Uncle Tommy got to hang out with Landon :)

DQ after our pizza date... Poppy and all of his smaller boys :)

Ryder then informed me he was spending the night with Dalton and Cole.
He packed his stuff, hardly said bye (I forced him too), and off he went. 
He had such a fun night, and the next morning was off to Knoebles (an amusement park) for the entire day with them. Thanks Me-Maw and Poppy... he had so much fun!! 
A few pictures of their day....

 The next morning was Father's Day... We first went to breakfast with Derrik's dad's side of the family (minus his actual dad who was out of town). I snapped two pictures at breakfast...

 Ryder with his second cousin Noah
 Landon with his 2nd cousin Taylor
 We stopped by to drop a card off to Poppy. Unfortunately we only got about a half hour with them since Derrik needed to get home to sleep before he started his night shift that night.

Ryder asked to nap with him... which is a big no-no in our house, but they were so cute :)
 Later that night the boys and I went to bring Papi his card. It resulted in a fun night of pizza and the park... My new favorite park :)

Laughing watching the boys go down the big slide
 Getting a push from Papi
 Playing soccor with the boys
 Relaxing after their impromptu soccor game with Papi and his girlfriend Julie and her two boys Andrew and Alex... Ryder has already been asking when he can play soccor with them again.
 Later that week we venture to Chocolate World (just outside Hershey Park) to ride the ride showing us how chocolate is made, and, let's be honest, the real reason to get their amazing chocolate chip cookies!!

 We are also now official Season Pass Holders!!!

 Their height measurements for rides are done by candy

Landon is a Miniature
 Ryder is a Reese's... when his head isn't tilted all weird :)
 The boys have enjoyed having a new house to play in... makes their toys feel like new
 All smiles... our first day in Hershey Park... after we tortured Ryder makign him just look at it for a week everytime we got in the car.

 Heading up the hill on Ryder's first coaster that went upside down!!
He loved it... and wishes he was taller to go on the bigger ones!!
 Going on a coaster with his momma
 Enjoying a fast food break after the DMV to get our new driver's licenses
 Ryder was soo good while we ran errands that day that we asked Me-Maw and Poppy to meet us at the water park portion of Hershey Park that night... Ryder was awfully excited to see his uncles!!! He also loved all the water slides!!
 Another HOTTT night spent at one of Daddy's baseball games.
Trying to keep these two entertained reminded me that maybe it's a blessing we don't have to do that every night anymore!! Exhausting!!

 Let's go #22
 Warming up in the bull-pen... does he have a pitcher's face or what?!
 Our daddy out there pitchign as the closer... He's still got it :)
 The following night, even though Derrik was back at work, the boys and I headed to Noah's baseball game... and were treated to ice cream after to celebrate the teams win! YUM

 Then the following morning... we heading to the airport because AUNTIE ALLY WAS HERE!!!!!!
She is visiting with us for the week and then heading to Cape Cod with me Saturday morning to meet my mom, sister, and grandma for a vacation up there.
 I guess i'm officially a resident now!!
 Ryder always has to be silly
 He cooperates much better!
 We headed to the Hershey Park area to take Ally to Chocolate World, get out of the house, and hopefully hear some of the Demi Lavado concert going on (Ally is a fan!). Two girls offered us two tickets for $25 total. Sounded like a great deal, but I had the boys. The awesome security people let the boys in for free and before we knew it we were at a concert... a rock concert as Ryder said. I was completely unprepared, but the boys were AMAZING!! Sometimes it's easier to just do things on a whim :)

 More fun at the park....
 Yesterday Ally wanted to drive around and see the area a little bit, and we stopped at the river to get our feet wet... Ryder got his A LOT wet and ended up completely in. You gotta let them be boys sometimes :)

 The boys enjoying playing Mario Cart on the Nintendo DS with Auntie Ally this morning
 Then this afternoon we went back to the park again...

So as you can see.. We've kept super busy!! Derrik's weekend started today (his time off is really weird and changes all the time). We are planning on Hershey Park tomorrow with Ally, Derrik and I are going to a Dave Matthew's Concert Friday night, and Saturday the boys and I bid Daddy farewell (and a week for him to enjoy himself... he's very much looking forward to it... lots of golf) as we head off to Cape Cod for about a week and a half!! I can not wait to get my boys up there so everyone can meet Landon and to enjoy my favorite place during my favorite time of year... You can find me at the pond... of Larry's... or the candy store... or maybe the beach :)