Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Just before life got completely insane with moving, the kids and I headed a half hour south with friends for a day at the new children's museum in our town, The Children's Museum of Naples. No one else had a huge desire to go, but I really thought it would be a lot of fun. After a few weeks of coaxing, we all finally settled on a day to go down. We sure were glad we did :)

Connor and Miss Megan drove down with us in our car, and we meet Miss Amanda and Miss Jaimie down there with their kiddos.

The museum was perfectly geared towards the older kids age. It had some building stations, mazes, pretend fishing, a tree house, a vet clinic, a restaurant, a farm, a grocery store, the four seasons, and an outside water area. They could have played here all day.... and pretty much did. It was so great for their imagination! It was also set up really great for the babies. They had several gated in areas to trap them into so they were happy and content as well.

Building a tower

Lost in the maze
 He caught a big fish!!
 Saying hi to Mommy through the bubble window
 Burrrr... It's really cold in this igloo!
 Throwing leaves up the air the air shoot with Connor. They then shot out the top and looked just like Fall :)
 Lovin' on his girlfriend :)
 The kiddos cooking up a meal in the restaurant
 Putting bean bags into the holes in a baby section
Doing some grocery shopping
 Ryder the vet
 Just doing a little gardening with his friends
 Outside for some water play
 Painting on the water wall
 Doing the local weather
 And finishing the day with some finger painting.

We had such an amazing day!! It is days like these that we will miss so much up here. We couldn't have asked for a better group of friends!!

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