Monday, June 11, 2012

...and the hiatus is over!

WOW! I wasn't intending for quite a hiatus from blogging. I am so far behind, but am hoping to get caught up over the next week or two. Things like packing up our place, moving, unpackng our new place, saying bye to friends and family in Florida, saying hi to family up here, getting our new place settled, and taking care of two boys have left little times for blogging. We are officially all moved in. The boys and I got up to Pennsylvania really late Saturday night, and everyone is adjusting quite well. Rest assured that although blogging is behind, there was no lack of picture taking the last couple of weeks.  For now though... I'll leave you with a couple of pictures of the boys playing outside in our new yard tonight :)

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~Rachel said...

Yay for a nice big green yard to play in! I am so excited for your new journey!