Thursday, June 14, 2012

Splash Pad

One thing Pennsylvania does not have, to my knowledge anyhow, are splash pads!
We will miss them dearly, as the kids LOVE to spend time running around at them. They are basically playgrounds with water squirting everywhere... great fun!!

Last Monday we met up there with Miss Amanda and the kids. My friend Natalie also got to join us with her girls Finley and Charli. Natalie is one of my best friends since high school, and unfortunately spends just as much time moving around as we do so we very rarely cross paths. We do stay in touch with phone calls almost daily though :) She always considers "home" Fort Myers as well so it's nice to cross paths at least once or twice a year. Natalie was my first friend to have kids and lead the way for me. I remember calling her on August 25th three and a half years ago extremely pregnant to wish Finley a Happy 2nd Birthday. I was ten days before my due date, and joked about how I wished our kids would have the same birthday... with Ryder's early and quick arrival our kiddos share the same birthday! Pretty cool huh? Natalie's husband, Matt, is serving our country for the United States Navy and is currently over in Afghanistan. That means Natalie is home in Fort Myers for the summer while Finley is out of school, and our paths crossed for a whole three weeks (one of which I was up here unpacking) so we spent some quality time packing my place together and then hanging out last week. Anyhow.. onto some splash pad picture :)

Ryder and Finley really hit it off! They had met before but never really had the chance to play. We wished we had more time with them!!
 Ryder, Finley, and Charli
 So when going through my pictures last night... this one made me tear up :(
My heart aches... Miss them so much!
 Pretty Girls.... Dyson wasn't really feeling it in the picture up above :)
 Dyson was a maniac at this splash pad! I miss that crazy kid!!
 Anxiously awaiting the water to come back up!
 There it is!
 Ryder crawling around like Landon
 The Lutz Boys and the DeHaven Girls
 Later that night... Check out those summer tan lines

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The Yarbrough's said...

I don't think we have splash pads in NC either...if we do, I don't know about them. They look like sooo much fun! I would probably go all the time if there were one close. :)