Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

We hope everyone has a blessed day with their loved ones!

The Lutz Family

Monday, December 23, 2013

Gingerbread House/Man

For the second year in a row Brutus surprised the boys with Gingerbread houses from the North Pole!! Brutus brought Landon his own this year, but he got gingerbread men… which he loved!!! 

 My boys insister on trying them… I always think of them as more of a decoration… especially when they come from a box, but they both loved it!! 

Such fun memories :)

Some more December overload!!

Some random moments from my iPhone the last month… 

LOVE my stocking sign my friend Jeanne gave me for doing their pictures :) 
The boys excited Brutus brought them gifts… more on this in a later post!
Christmas shopping with my crazy boy!
All sucked into Home Alone one random afternoon

The boys went to breakfast with Santa with Me-Maw and Poppy when I had to be out of town for a wedding
Then that night they went to a Bears hockey game (one level up from the Everblades for you Florida folks!). Ryder had been as a baby, but nothing he remembered. They LOVED it!! We went again this week, and they are crazy over hockey now.
Landon loves his gift from the Kipp Family :)

 My new tree skirt…. our old one was torn up and said Derrik and Danielle from our first Christmas together… it needed an update!
 Love my shirt my family got me for my birthday
 Some pictures Allie put up from the wedding we shot this month.
We always trial run the photo booth :)

 Ready for the bus

 Someone can't hang when we run errands during nap time
Nini and Papa had us over to make cookies one afternoon…. the kids love it! 

Another bears game… 

 Pajama/Polar Express day at school!!

My friend Allie MADE this for me for Christmas!!! 
We saw it at a wedding we shot together this summer, and she knew I was obsessed with it.
I loveeeeeeee it!!!!!!!
He likes to relax during dinner and watching cartoons
 Waiting for basketball practice to start

 Bubby gets to play around a little after… he is not too thrilled he can't be on the team!!

 Writing on Daddy's Christmas present bag
 My little elf helping me on our last shopping trip…. we are ready for Christmas!!!!