Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Family Photos 2013

We have had family photos every year since Ryder was born. In 2012 money was really tight, I was busy trying to start my own business doing other families photos, and I just simply never got around to getting any done. Of course I am really bummed now we don't have that year documented. I promised myself i'd get my act together and get some this year. I asked permission from Derrik to order us all some really great outfits that went together, scheduled a date in late October with my amazing friend Allie from Allie Skylar Photography, and we got amazing photos!!

In the past photos has been SOOOO stressful. The kids don't cooperate, it's hot, everyone is in bad moods. It was nothing like that this year. We had the best time. I think Derrik even enjoyed himself!! The kids did great with a little bribery :) I will cherish these photos forever!! 


The Yarbrough's said...

Great pictures!!! I love the outfits in the first few. Veryyy cute!!!!

Paige said...

Absolutely adorable! I love the color combos you picked!