Sunday, December 22, 2013

Snow and Sledding

Given the fact that the first day of winter was officially yesterday, i'm thinking we are going to be in for a LONG winter!! We've already gotten quite a bit of snow this year. The odd thing is that today it is 60 and rainy… which means all the snow melted finally… YAY!!

The first snow… more like ice
 The second snow was a pretty decent one. Landon freaked out that his Santa inflatable wouldn't go up because of all the snow on it. Ryder ran to his room, threw on his boots, and was out there in second getting the snow off of it. He's such a little helper!! 

 That afternoon we sent out a mass text to the family to see who wanted to meet us for sledding!! We pretend sledded in our backyard last year down this little slope, but hadn't officially gone sledding since we've lived up here!! We were excited. Derrik's hill he wanted to go to was a huge fail, and my suggestion ended up being AMAZING!! The hill was so huge, fast, and packed with out people out there having fun. I gave myself a little pat on the back given i've lived here such a short time :) 

Our drive out
 This little guy was really excited for his first real sledding experience!! 
 Daddy and Ryder took the first big run
 He absolutely loved it!! 

 The hill
 Group shot! 

I got some video footage as well…

Landon isn't really our dare devil. The big hill everyone was going down had an upslope right after it. I suggested we send Landon down that little hit first just so he knew what was coming… As you can see he loved it! 

Ryder wanted to do the little hill first as well… 

Derrik and Ryder's first run down the big hill

Mommy and Landon's first run down the big hill 

So much fun… we did get one other snow storm… with blizzard like conditions on the day I had to shoot a wedding!!! Two hours from home!! It left me scrambling to find baby sitters for my kids. In the end it all worked out perfect, and I got a little unexpected working weekend away with an amazing friend!! 

I'm sure we'll get plenty more of these snow posts this winter!! YUCK :)

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