Saturday, December 7, 2013

Life… October…

New Years resolution… get better at blogging!! I titled this post "October", but i'm pretty sure the first part of these pictures are actually form September. I just think I hadn't uploaded them to the computer when I did the September one. Either way… the only word for it is slacker!! I know most people would just post Thanksgiving and cut their loses, but this is my baby book. I LOVEEE looking back on old posts to see the boys. So if you actually still read this thing…. just enjoy and deal with it :) 

Homework.. we do that around our house now… fun times!
 Landon does "homework" too… which consists of scribbling a little bit on every page of a coloring book. Every day each page gets filled up more and more. 
 Saying good-bye to our baby furniture!! For anyone that doesn't believe me that we are done having kids… this should answer your questions. It was so bitter-sweet watching our crib and changing table go. 

This was Landon saying "bye bed"… as soon as they rounded the corner he started crying "Mommy where'd my bed go?!?!"…. It was heart breaking!!! 
 Go Eagles!! Showing his Eagles pride at school :)
 This happened for like a week… we had like two accidents and like two or three successes. The rest was all saved for when we would put a diaper on at nap or bed time. No success since either. 
 Ryder brought his home on 9/11… I was so proud of how well he colored :) 
 My sweet boys… with my mums… on picture day

 My photographer BFF Alli :)
 A morning at the park

 Doing the potty thing…. like I said… it lasted like a week. 
Thanking Grammy and Ally for his Mike jambes
 and his undies… he only wears pjs if its REALLY cold… he's a sweaty guy. I pity his future wife!
 This kid pretends he's fighting a battle lately when I take his pictures 
Bumblebee and Optimus Prime… they have the transformer toothbrushes too. They love them!
 Two pictures Jackon's mom sent me from Jackson's birthday party

Ryder's official Kindergarten picture… when did this happen?! SO BIG!
Hell broke lose in our house in October. The boys both got so sick… we were on meds around the clock to get them healthy again. It felt like they were newborns on a nursing schedule… it literally ran our lives. 

we even plugged in into the car converter quite a few times to do it on the go. 

 Love of my life! 
 Ryder came home from school one day and drew this picture for me of his wedding to his girlfriend from school… apparently they kissed on the playground too. 
 My baby… sometimes he looks so big.. and other times still so little 
 new hair do…. growing it out i guess… who knows :)
i take sleeping pictures of him ALL THE TIME… i just love the innocence… Landon is still at the "in bed" sleep only stage. 
 We like to take pictures while we wait for the bus...

 Alli and I toasting with some drinks after she successfully shot our family photos for me… girl drove an hour and a half for me.. love her :)
 beautiful sunset right after our family pictures
such a goober!
 some of Ryder's art work from back to school night. 
Ryder's paper said I felt "super excited"… I was so proud because so many other kids said sad or scared. We put him in school and sports early to ease that anxiety once it really counted :)

 Landon was sooo excited to see Clifford in the school library. Not sure why, but he loves him. 
 Three of my favorite boys camping out in the living room for a sleep over
Cole, Dalton, and Ryder
 Heading out to the fall festival/pumpkin patch with my favorite little guys!
 Christmas PJs in October… why not!! Also… Landon outgrew his right before Thanksgiving… why do they grow so fast?!?!
love these snowman pjs!
 Ryder quizzing Landon on flash cards 
 Landon likes to sit with his laptop just like Daddy
 A lunch date with my boys. Ryder has PM kindergarten so we put him on the bus and sneak off off for "dates" all the time. Landon thinks he's so special, and Ryder hates stuff like this and is thrilled to go to school. So we all win :)
 This picture was taken at the start of our "road trip" to Syracuse. My friend Tricia had just had her baby. I loaded the car up with all my newborn stuff, and was driving the four hour trip their to visit the little guy and take his pictures. About two hours into our trip Landon puked EVERYWHERE!!! It was a one time deal and nothing ever came from it. Minus the fact that we had to turn around because I wasn't risking the flu or getting Tricia's family and newborn baby sick. 
 Later that day after we all recovered, cleaned up at home, and napped we went out for a new carseat. 
 Ryder wanted a green one too. We had two car seat credits with out insurance from Derrik's car crash so I won the cool mom card that day. I guess it was fate :)

 Loves to walk around with his hat on backward and Ryder's soccer cleats on
 This night we told the boys we were going on a "date"… honestly we like to make things sound fun just make life not seem so boring. We were just going to McDonalds, but it was the one with the playground… which is way cooler then the other ones. Derrik and I go here so the kids can play, and we can talk. If the food we have to eat sucks in the mean time so be it. Obviously the kids weren't digging our "date night" that night! 

 FaceTime with Ally….. he'd do this all day every day if i let him. Ryder never wanted to do this when he was little and still doesn't. Just not his thing. Landon whines to talk to "my ally" all the time. 

 first really cold night… Off to Hershey Park in the Dark

That's all… Let's hope I get November iPhone pictures and Thanksgiving up before the new year :) 

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