Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Some iPhone shots

We got out Ryder's play table for Landon a couple weeks ago. Landon loves all the noises and lights on this thing! He only likes to play standing up like this for a little while and then prefers it on the floor so he can really pound on it.

I love this "thanks mom for this cool toy" look on his face!
Landon is such a little goober when he sees i'm taking his picture!
He just loves the attention!

This is how Landon likes to spend most of his time these days... or scooting across the floor

Ryder is really big into all things Christmas right now.. I use to have to force him to put these hats on and now he does it willingly and asks me to take his picture.

I know this hat is kind of "worn" looking, but it's a family hat. I believe my mom's grandpa's

Ryder put all his cars on Mack's decoration boat.

He told us the cars were going to a race far away on the big boat.

How Landon was sleeping this afternoon...

Looks cozy huh?!

Wordless Wednesday - 7 Months

Showin' off that mohawk for you!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Landon Brennan is 7 months old!

I may not have taken my baby's 7 month pictures yet even though it is a whole six days after his 7 month birthday, BUT I did happen to snap this picture coincidentally on his 7 month birthday. Due to his sick status it'll have to do until he feels better... which is hopefully tomorrow... wishful thinking!
Landon Brennan -

You have been one sick kiddo this whole entire month. You recovered slightly mid-month, but are making up for it now. I am not even sure if I can recall how it all went down, but I think you came down with a cough/cold right after you turned six months. We had sleepless nights, elevated crib mattress, and a not so happy baby. At some point you slowly progressed towards better just as your brother's cough started to pick up. Your cough never fully went away, Ryder was really sick, Daddy battled achy teeth which resulted in having his wisdom teeth pulled, Ryder ended up feverish for two days straight, and literally just as I thought he was recovering (he's still coughing up a storm) you went right down hill. You've had a rough two days. You cough so hard you throw up. I just put you to bed after a warm bath, Vick's vapo-rub, and all your buggers wipes the best I could. About ten minutes later (after silence) I heard a loud cry and you threw up everywhere. PLEASEEEEEEE let's get better baby!!!!

We did manage to squeeze in some fun and growing up amongst it all though :)


Size 3 Diapers

18 Month One Piece Outfits

6-9 Months Jeans and Shorts

12-18 Month Shirts

18 Month Jammies


In two words: A BATTLE

I am PRAYING you aren't like you Auntie Hailey or cousin Jeff. Both of these family members eat very few foods. My cousin Jeff didn't outgrow it until college, and I feel as if Hailey never will! They literally ate like five foods. I honestly think it is because of all this sickness, but you gag at anything I put in your mouth. I am trying my hardest to figure it out. I've tried the stage three meals, veggies from our family dinners, regular yogurt, applesauce, and many others. You almost always accept yogurt and the rest are all hit or miss. I have noticed you do tend to like it cold out of the fridge. That kind of frustrates me because Ryder was never given food cold or heated up. We were on the go to much with baseball with him so I knew he couldn't have food that way. Looks like your making the calls though :)

You have tried lots of real food this month. Your favorite though is mac 'n cheese... Just like Daddy and Ryder!


Ahh... remember those 3-4 months straight you slept all-night-long?! Do you?!? Could you try that again? You aren't horrible, but it's not great either. You always stay in bed, but with all this sickness some nights I feel like I am constantly up helping you get back to sleep. I know we will get back there, but i've had some pretty sleepy days this month... especially with Ryder being sick too.

You have figured out your nap though. You've given up that three hour morning nap, and now keep it to about an hour and a half. In return though you also take an afternoon nap of about an hour and a half. I like it this way much more!

Other Fun Stuff This Month:

Your getting on the go sweetie! No actual crawling on all fours, but if you want something you can get there. You use your arms in an army crawl fashion and push with your toes. It's really cute :)

You play sitting with a bucket of toys multiple times a day. Ryder really loves to get down and play with you when you do this. We have buckets upstairs and downstairs. While you do this I usually can get things done which is nice.

You have started to babble some. The most we've heard out of this is da-da (more like da da da da da da da), but it's the beginning of it all. I wonder if you'll talk quicker then Ryder did since he was such a late talker (he makes up for it now!)

You've developed a little stranger anxiety. If a face you don't know comes up to you it's about a 50/50 chance you'll break down in tears. Let's those close to you feel loved that you light up when you see our faces!! I am predicting a Santa picture this year with a very excited smiling three year old and a screaming seven month old... we'll see how good my predictions are soon.

Do I need to mention that hair again? I get SOO many comments on it. It just keeps getting fuller and taller.... keep it comin'.... we love it!


We can't wait to celebrate the holiday season with you. I know the wrapping paper and boxes will be your favorite present this year, and we'll gladly take advantage haha... I can't wait to take you to see Santa, see your face stare in amazement at Christmas lights, and dress you in your cute Christmas jammies every night :) It's my favorite time of year buddy, and we can't wait to share it with you. Get healthy!!!

We love you!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Random Saturday Post

Landon is officially all over the place. Baby gates to be purchased soon. Derrik had his wisdom teeth pulled yesterday. He seems to be feeling much better. Ryder woke up with another cold this morning... love winter... insert sarcasm. He's a trooper though, and we're on our way to his t-ball game. Derrik has a low key week for work. We plan on enjoying having him around, and might even make our way to the circus this week. We are bummed we aren't in Pennsylvania this week. It'll be Ryder's first Thanksgiving not in Pennsylvania. We miss everyone terribly and hope we can find a way to get up there sooner rather then later. On a happy note though, Derrik got selected to be on the All-Star officiating crew for football. He gets honored at a banquet on the 5th and the game is the 7th. We are so proud of him :)

Happy Saturday!

Monday, November 14, 2011


Ahhh... What happened to me? I guess I just forgot I had a blog. I'm back though. With lots of grainy iPhone pictures. I swear sometimes my phone takes great pictures and other times they are awful, and I'm so mad I didn't just use my good camera.

Anyhow... Back to the weekend before last.... We started our Saturday morning the same way we have been for quite a while now at the t-ball field. They had team pictures, and Ryder got his picture taken for his very own baseball card just like Daddy! He can not wait for these to come in.. grandparents... they will be in your Christmas cards... be excited :)

Later that night I had a hot date with my husband. One of my best friends birthdays was the day before so we had arranged for a group of us to go out on a local casino boat. You go out for like six hours, have dinner, and gamble. I'm proud to say I think we broke even for once! We tend to donate our money when we do stuff like this :)
Meanwhile, Ryder had been BEGGING to go see Footloose in the theatre. Thanks to living with his two teenage aunts he has a love for music. Not kiddie music mind you... think LMFAO, Selena Gomez (his favorite), Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, and so on! Anyhow... He knows most of the words to the Footloose song. Once he found out there was a movie to it he would not stop asking to go. It worked out perfectly for Derrik and I to drop them off on our way to the boat so they got to go. We pulled up to the movie theatre drop off spot, and Ryder said, "Thanks guy. See you later." Really?!?! When did he get so grown up! Not to mention we woke him up from a nap in time to go to the movies, and I was already dressed up. When I first saw him I asked him if he was excited to go see Footloose, and he looked at him with a huge smile and said, "Mom, you look pretty!". He knows how to make a momma feel good :)

Sidenote before I forget... I had gotten Ryder a pair of Converse last week. I asked him if he wanted to wear his new shoes and told him they were on the pool table. He brought them over and said, "Mom, these shoes are like Justin Bieber's". We continued to talk about his new shoes while I finished getting him dressed. I asked him if he wanted his hoodie on then or when we were leaving the house. He told me he wanted it on then, and proceeded to say, "Mom, Justin Bieber wears hoodies like this. I look just like Justin Bieber". The boys cracks me up these days!

The next pictures is just showing off the mohawk the little guy has been sporting these days. You would not believe the amount of comments I get on this hair... love it!

And some more of the cutie pie

We got our annual family pictures done for our Christmas card on Friday. I haven't seen them yet, but I have a feeling i'm going to love them!!! The boys cooperated great so hopefully we have some keepers. I bribed my older boys (Derrik included) that if they were good we could go to the dog track after. They were good boys so we went. Ryder loved it!! In the middle of the night that night he woke up having a bad dream. I tucked him back in and was leaving the room. He called me back in, and in his sleepy state of mind said, "Mom, I wanted the number one dog to win"..... clearly it was still on his mind all night!

Landon is slowly but surely getting to be all over the place. In the picture down below he started by his basket of toys and somehow wiggles his way elsewhere. He is a month or so ahead of Ryder on this one. I don't remember Ryder doing this until around 7-8 months. Luckily we were moving all around with spring training and baseball season when Ryder was this age so I can remember what house we were living in to remember the age things happened :)

This is the little guy boycotting nap the other day.... I think he was saying help get me out of here!

And... it's almost time to lower the crib... so sad :(

We have been spending lots of time at the basketball hoop at the park in our neighborhood. Ryder is pretty decent for three years old. Basketball season starts in January, and we can't wait! It cracks me up that there is a playground and swings right next to this, yet he never asks to play on it and just wants to shoot hoops.

Enjoying whatever toys his brother brought along for the walk to keep him entertained.

Landon had his six month check up today. As usual... we have a big boy. He was 29 1/2 inches and 20lb 6oz. He was in the 90th percentile for his weight and off the charts for his height. He is getting SO heavy to carry in his baby carseat. Santa might be bringing a big boy one! Landon loves the doctors just so he can play in the paper they put on the table :)

We met up with Amanda and the kids today and had our plans fall through. We decided to go to the mall with the four kids, got what we needed to accomplished, and they weren't that bad! That'll never happen again. Granted we were only there about thirty minutes and bribed them :) In Macy's they had a spot to write letters to Santa....

Ryder's wish list for Santa is a million miles long this year.. the boy wants everything! I think any toy we see now he says "Mommy, I should get that for Christmas".... We're working on it buddy, but not sure those tacky Yo Gabba Gabba shoes in the shoe store in the mall are going to make it under the tree :)

Everything else is going well. The boys are good. Ryder is doing amazing in school and t-ball. No more tears, and he loves them both. Derrik quit his valet job because he was just insanely busy. He is just getting into basketball season for officiating, and keeping busy enough. We like some time with him too :) We are trying to enjoy our time right now, but getting very antsy on what's to come... I wish I had a crystal ball to see into the future sometimes!! I feel like we are always waiting for what's next. Is this just life? Is life full of what's next until it's over? Lots of long talks, patience, and prayer on what's to come around here... for now though we just take it day to day watching our little guys grow up!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Oh man...

We've got a troublemaker on our hands these days...

but who can stay mad at this sweet face?!

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Lucky me....

99% of Landon's sleep time is spent in his crib, car seat, or stroller, but every once in a while we break the rules :)

and I consider it an amazing day when this little guy wakes up and curls up to me too!!

One lucky Momma right here :)

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Our weather cleared up for a perfect night of trick-or-treating last night. Ryder drove me nuts all day asking to go, and was so excited when it was finally time. He did his trick-or-treating with Auntie Hailey and Soso. We stayed in our neighborhood, and it did not disappoint! The streets were absolutely packed with kids!! Ryder was very good with saying trick-or-treat and then followed up with a Happy Halloween or thank you. He made it pretty much the whole 1.1 mile circle, and then helped hand out some candy when we got back home. Landon enjoyed the view from his stroller about half way until he crashed for the night. It was a great Halloween :) Now on to the next holidays! Ryder is already asking how long until Christmas... Ahhh!

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