Monday, November 28, 2011

Landon Brennan is 7 months old!

I may not have taken my baby's 7 month pictures yet even though it is a whole six days after his 7 month birthday, BUT I did happen to snap this picture coincidentally on his 7 month birthday. Due to his sick status it'll have to do until he feels better... which is hopefully tomorrow... wishful thinking!
Landon Brennan -

You have been one sick kiddo this whole entire month. You recovered slightly mid-month, but are making up for it now. I am not even sure if I can recall how it all went down, but I think you came down with a cough/cold right after you turned six months. We had sleepless nights, elevated crib mattress, and a not so happy baby. At some point you slowly progressed towards better just as your brother's cough started to pick up. Your cough never fully went away, Ryder was really sick, Daddy battled achy teeth which resulted in having his wisdom teeth pulled, Ryder ended up feverish for two days straight, and literally just as I thought he was recovering (he's still coughing up a storm) you went right down hill. You've had a rough two days. You cough so hard you throw up. I just put you to bed after a warm bath, Vick's vapo-rub, and all your buggers wipes the best I could. About ten minutes later (after silence) I heard a loud cry and you threw up everywhere. PLEASEEEEEEE let's get better baby!!!!

We did manage to squeeze in some fun and growing up amongst it all though :)


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In two words: A BATTLE

I am PRAYING you aren't like you Auntie Hailey or cousin Jeff. Both of these family members eat very few foods. My cousin Jeff didn't outgrow it until college, and I feel as if Hailey never will! They literally ate like five foods. I honestly think it is because of all this sickness, but you gag at anything I put in your mouth. I am trying my hardest to figure it out. I've tried the stage three meals, veggies from our family dinners, regular yogurt, applesauce, and many others. You almost always accept yogurt and the rest are all hit or miss. I have noticed you do tend to like it cold out of the fridge. That kind of frustrates me because Ryder was never given food cold or heated up. We were on the go to much with baseball with him so I knew he couldn't have food that way. Looks like your making the calls though :)

You have tried lots of real food this month. Your favorite though is mac 'n cheese... Just like Daddy and Ryder!


Ahh... remember those 3-4 months straight you slept all-night-long?! Do you?!? Could you try that again? You aren't horrible, but it's not great either. You always stay in bed, but with all this sickness some nights I feel like I am constantly up helping you get back to sleep. I know we will get back there, but i've had some pretty sleepy days this month... especially with Ryder being sick too.

You have figured out your nap though. You've given up that three hour morning nap, and now keep it to about an hour and a half. In return though you also take an afternoon nap of about an hour and a half. I like it this way much more!

Other Fun Stuff This Month:

Your getting on the go sweetie! No actual crawling on all fours, but if you want something you can get there. You use your arms in an army crawl fashion and push with your toes. It's really cute :)

You play sitting with a bucket of toys multiple times a day. Ryder really loves to get down and play with you when you do this. We have buckets upstairs and downstairs. While you do this I usually can get things done which is nice.

You have started to babble some. The most we've heard out of this is da-da (more like da da da da da da da), but it's the beginning of it all. I wonder if you'll talk quicker then Ryder did since he was such a late talker (he makes up for it now!)

You've developed a little stranger anxiety. If a face you don't know comes up to you it's about a 50/50 chance you'll break down in tears. Let's those close to you feel loved that you light up when you see our faces!! I am predicting a Santa picture this year with a very excited smiling three year old and a screaming seven month old... we'll see how good my predictions are soon.

Do I need to mention that hair again? I get SOO many comments on it. It just keeps getting fuller and taller.... keep it comin'.... we love it!


We can't wait to celebrate the holiday season with you. I know the wrapping paper and boxes will be your favorite present this year, and we'll gladly take advantage haha... I can't wait to take you to see Santa, see your face stare in amazement at Christmas lights, and dress you in your cute Christmas jammies every night :) It's my favorite time of year buddy, and we can't wait to share it with you. Get healthy!!!

We love you!!

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