Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Some iPhone shots

We got out Ryder's play table for Landon a couple weeks ago. Landon loves all the noises and lights on this thing! He only likes to play standing up like this for a little while and then prefers it on the floor so he can really pound on it.

I love this "thanks mom for this cool toy" look on his face!
Landon is such a little goober when he sees i'm taking his picture!
He just loves the attention!

This is how Landon likes to spend most of his time these days... or scooting across the floor

Ryder is really big into all things Christmas right now.. I use to have to force him to put these hats on and now he does it willingly and asks me to take his picture.

I know this hat is kind of "worn" looking, but it's a family hat. I believe my mom's grandpa's

Ryder put all his cars on Mack's decoration boat.

He told us the cars were going to a race far away on the big boat.

How Landon was sleeping this afternoon...

Looks cozy huh?!

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