Saturday, November 19, 2011

Random Saturday Post

Landon is officially all over the place. Baby gates to be purchased soon. Derrik had his wisdom teeth pulled yesterday. He seems to be feeling much better. Ryder woke up with another cold this morning... love winter... insert sarcasm. He's a trooper though, and we're on our way to his t-ball game. Derrik has a low key week for work. We plan on enjoying having him around, and might even make our way to the circus this week. We are bummed we aren't in Pennsylvania this week. It'll be Ryder's first Thanksgiving not in Pennsylvania. We miss everyone terribly and hope we can find a way to get up there sooner rather then later. On a happy note though, Derrik got selected to be on the All-Star officiating crew for football. He gets honored at a banquet on the 5th and the game is the 7th. We are so proud of him :)

Happy Saturday!

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