Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Poopy Day

Yesterday afternoon Derrik and I were both getting stuff done around the apartment. Derrik was in the kitchen chopping potatoes for dinner, and I was in between the laundry area and the bedroom closet hanging clothes. Ryder was playing in between in the living room with his toys. While in the closet I saw my little man rounding the corner into the bedroom... he looked really excited because the door to the room was actually open (we usually leave it closed to keep him out of trouble!) I picked him up to give him a big hug because he'd been playing so well by himself while we got stuff done, and look what I found.... well smelled first...

Make you want to gag?!
We cleaned him up and then put him in his high chair while we finished cooking dinner. Derrik and I both don't like peaches, but a fellow mommy (Thanks Megan!) told me to let Ryder suck on a whole peach and he'd love it... and he did! Definitely something to let him try again, but maybe outside next time... with a hose close by!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Power of Prayer

Prayers for Stellan

I have run across this mother's blog a few times, and just recently saw the link again on a fellow blogger's page. This family needs everyone prayers desperately. No, I do not know them, but you don't need to know someone to pray for them. I haven't had a chance to read the whole blog yet, but I plan on it. All I know is she has a little boy who is very sick with heart problems. Scary stuff! It really hit home when I realized this little boy was being air-lifted to Boston Children's Hospital for heart surgery... 1. because I have a small boy myself, and sometimes I think I take his healthy for granted, and reason 2. because Boston Children's was where Ally went to get treated for her Lyme's Disease. I think about how that disease ran my family down and the strength it took to rally around her. This mother has three other young children to care for beyond her little baby. They are an adorable family and could really use everyones prayers during this hard time. Feel free to click the link above to read their story.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Check Out Those Chompers

I still haven't really gotten a good picture of Ryder's teeth yet, but last night I was taking a little video to send to Ryder's grammy and he grabbed my phone and got an amazing shot of his teeth... Enjoy :)

Mr. Martinez... My boys are expecting a World Series Championship out of you!

The Phillies just recently signed Pedro Martinez to their team. Derrik basically explained to me he's an old baseball player who could be a hall-of-famer one day and didn't retire, but never resigned after last year. Well... He just signed with the Phillies and he's suppose to help them in their hunt of another Championship win! He made his first rehab/come-back start in Clearwater, Florida on the Phillies High-A team the Threshers yesterday. We decided to get some tickets and make a day of it. Derrik played this team quite a bit during his Sarasota year so on the way up we went to a breakfast joint that he and his teammates use to eat at. It was called Lenny's and they had a clown there making balloon animals for people. This guy was pretty great! Ryder loved watching him so when he came over and asked if he was old enough I told him to go ahead because he was loving watching him through lunch. He made him a fishing poll hat and when he put it on his head Ryder went hysterical! Oh well... after the fact though he loved playing with the fish.
Ryder with his balloon fishing poll hat
When we got to the field it was starting to rain. We got stuck under an awning while walking to the stadium and had to wait for the storm to pass.
Ryder loved the wind from the storm blowing his hair all around
The storm finally passed and we made it into the stadium. We walked around and checked the stadium out. Derrik never gets to see this stadiums from my point of view. He kept wondering when the game was going to start because their was a rain delay, and I asked him how he felt not knowing anything! Now he knows how I feel when he never gives me any information when his games are in rain-delays!

Waiting above the bull-pen for Pedro Martinez to come out and warm-up for the game
"Mom, it's hot... where is this Pedro guy at?!"
There he is!
So there was a pretty good crowd there to see Martinez make his first start. I asked Derrik what he thought would happen: A. He would come out during the rain-delay and make some kids days and give out some autographs, or B. He would be a jerk and not sign any. Go figure! He did option B. He ran out of the locker room onto the field so he didn't have to even so much as acknowledge the fans lining the field looking for an autograph! I told Derrik is he ever makes it to the big leagues and thinks about being a jerk like this guy that it will not sit well with me! Needless to say... I was glad my boys enjoyed getting to see him, but I will NOT be a fan of someone who can't support fans that came out to support his come back. Enough complaining though... We had a great day and I love being with my boys so it was well worth it!

Martinez warming up in the bull-pen
Daddy and Ryder watching him warm up
My boys looking into the bull pen
1st inning
This is God reminding me of yet another positive reason for this season being a rehab season for us!
Ryder LOVED when the crowd clapped.... he was clapping like a mad-man!
Still clapping during a rain-delay with Da-Da
After 1 2/3 innings the game was called. I've seen a lot of rain-delays in my day, but this was probably one of the worst.
What better to do when waiting for the rain to stop.... teeth on your thumb!
And we had a peaceful car ride home :)

11 Months.... And the countdown begins!

So over the weekend Ryder turned eleven months... AHHH!!! Where is this year going?!? Derrik and I were just talking last night about how we said when Ryder turned two we'd probably consider it time for a little brother or sister for Ryder. Well... If this second year goes as fast as this first year did then Ryder will be twenty before he gets a sibling! It is just crazy to me how fast it is all going. Since I just did a pretty big post like last week about Ryder and his personality these days there isn't too much to say. A few things though...

1. Baby Food... It's back!!! Ryder refuses to eat veggies in the human-food form so I feed him the baby jar veggies because I refuse to let him just pass them up. He has been accepting this form of veggies pretty well the past week. And a miracle happened last night... he ate a full jar of green beans! Ryder is not a fan of veggies of the green variety, but what can I say... neither is his Mommy!

2. Ryder has been able to wave bye-bye and clap his hands for a while now, but now he can do it on que when he hears the words. We don't have to show him anymore and he LOVES doing this for anybody. We are trying very hard to teach him new things to do and say new words... i'll keep ya posted!

And some random pictures from the weekend:

Ryder loves to bang on the door to the patio while dad cooks for us... he finally got dad's attention in this one!
Dad made Ryder a Mickey Mouse pancake for breakfast that he couldn't wait to attack... we are thinking about visiting Mickey for a day here soon before we have to move far far away from him!
And Mickey is gone... Ryder gobbled him up!
Two Teeth... time to brush!
What's this Mommy?!
Not too sure what to think
And we have clean chompers now :)
Last week I told you about how much Ryder and our cats love our windows in the living room.... Turbo stared this squirrel down and had some of the craziest noises coming from her! It was hilarious!

Play Date

On Saturday Ryder and I made the trek down to Fort Myers for a play date. Our play date was with someone that we had never actually met in person, but we're so excited to finally meet and get to play with. Megan, over at, is a new mommy to Connor and is also the wife of a minor league baseball player... from my home town! Megan's husband, Jake, is playing at the High A level for the Baltimore Orioles this season. Megan is such an amazing wife and mother toughing out the season at home with her little man while Jake goes off to pursue his dream. Connor is eight months old and is such a cute little boy! Unfortunately the day of the play date he was fussy, and we found out later that day that his first tooth popped through!!! We are so happy for you Connor and hope we get to try a play date again soon! We did have a good time playing with all sorts of new toys for Ryder, ate lunch together, and most importantly the mommies got a chance to talk with people who have an actual vocabulary!

Getting to hold Connor.. who is barely smaller then Ryder, crawls, pulls up, eats big boy foods, and is 8 months old! Ryder has serious competition from this big boy!
We were so excited to see Danielle and Mady at the play date also!
Ryder, Connor, and Mady playing... Ryder and Mady we're way into crawling into every other room of the house so we had to trap them into these toys
Mady and Ryder loving Connor's ball pit
Trouble! Sneaking into the master bedroom while Megan was putting Connor down for a nap.
Mommy and her little man!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Some rAnDoMnEsS for the week...

Just some random photos to share and one frustrating story.... Not much else going on at the moment....

Randomness #1: Ryder LOVES the three windows in our living room. He is just tall enough now to see out of them and can scale them all pretty well. Our cats also really love these windows so Ryder loves to go up and say hi to them all the time(hit them as hard as he can and pull their tails). I didn't realize when we rented the place that it has a pretty nice view (views weren't exactly on our check-list of must-haves at that point). Anyhow Ryder loves to hang at the window and bang his toys against it to get dog-walkers or people headed to the pool to pay attention to him. It's pretty comical. The other day we caught him doing this.... I guess he needed a better view!

Randomness #2: Baby PJ's! Not just baby pj's that fit the little man... I'm talking baby pj's that are actually sold in the newborn size that are also in the little man's size! LOVE THEM! These days Ryder is in a weird clothing size. A lot of the baby clothes only go through 12 months which he doesn't fit in anymore most of the time and the toddler sizes start at 2T which are still a little too big for him. The 18 month section seems to be pretty much non-existent in most stores so when I find something babyish that will still fit him it is a must to buy it up! Yesterday at Kohl's I found some baby Carter's pj's that I was admiring.... I always stroll through the little baby section still even though Ryder doesn't fit in it wishing he still would. Lucky for me the little pj's I was admiring also came in 12 months. Well Carter's onesies run extremely huge for some reason and the 9 month ones still fit him.... so I nabbed up the $17.00 12 month pj's knowing it was way too much for a pair of pj's, but smiling at the fact that my little man would be wearing "baby pj's" tonight. Well we got to the counter and they rang up at $9.99.... we will be going back to get the other two color patterns at some point this weekend. Ugh I love me some baby pj's!!! :)

Excuse the goofy face... he was all over the place last night and pictures were hard to get!

Randomness #3: Rude People!!! UGH!! Before you go on to read this know that I think how a baby is raised is his parents choice. Whatever your decisions may be I respect, but do NOT push your parenting views on me! ESPECIALLY if you are a stranger!!! So the other day Derrik, Ryder, and I are at Walmart doing some grocery shopping. Of course Ryder is smiling and putting on a show for every person that walks by which always leads to small talk with fellow shoppers. The other day we got an older gentleman who started this small talk. He asked how old Ryder was explaining that he had a baby grandson living out of the area and was trying to get an idea of what his grandson would look like at however many month it was that he was. He tells me how much hair he has (as if I didn't know), how he seems so alert, and how personable he seems. Then he did it.... he crossed the line!... In the middle of our friendly-small talk conversation he asks me if I've had Ryder vaccinated. We'll yes I have. He then shakes his head at me as if I was feeding my baby soda and junk food all the time and being an awful mother. I could feel like blood pressure rising and my cheeks getting red. He then proceeded to ask me how many times I've had him vaccinated, and I told him as many times as he was suppose to have been vaccinated (not that this was any of his business!). AGAIN I get the "your an awful mother" head shake. He then asks if I at least got the mercury-free vaccinations. No I did not... because I don't even know what that means exactly. Like I said... I respect every mothers choice to do as they believe healthy and safe for their child, but my choice is pro-vaccination. I am not a crazy health-studies buff and probably won't ever be so my feelings are that the government and schools have laws for a reason... they say to vaccinate... so I do. Anyhow... This rude gentleman then shakes his head at me one more time and says "Well... At least he looks healthy. You should look into that!" UGHHH The nerve of that guy! I was so shaken up the rest of our trip. People can be SOOO rude sometimes!!!

Randomness #4: Clementines... How I love them :)I am eating one right now as I blog. This seasonsonal fuit is back in the stores and we are eating them like candy in the Lutz household... yum, yum, yum!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

1st Pair of Boxers

Last night I found these boxers at the bottom on Ryder's pajama pile. I got this at his baby shower from my mom, and they just hadn't fit him yet. Well they do now and they are the cutest thing ever. He is still in them now at almost 1pm in the afternoon because I just can't take them off. Love Them!

Water Park Fun

When we first moved up here we spotted a pretty cool water park right next to the apartment complex we moved into. It had an awesome area for little kids that we knew Ryder would just love. We had been waiting for the day Derrik got his arm brace off to be able to go, and it just so happened Derrik got his arm brace of yesterday and it was an off day for him! So we packed up the little man and took him. I'm pretty sure he thought we were the coolest parents in the whole world for taking him here. He was in heaven! Loved it! We love when we can put a smile on our little man's face :)

Sporting his sun-tan lotion hair-do! Pretty sure a top tooth is coming in since his finger is always like this the past week.
About to go to play in the kiddy area at the water park
This stuff is pretty cool Da-Da!
What is this stuff?!?!
Oh Yeah! I love it here!

Happy Boy.... Happy Parents
Realizing he can touch the water

Waving hi to Da-Da from the pool
Taking a little break... he loves watching the swim team practice in the lap pool
At this point he realized he could crawl around his whole big place... just went through everything and loved every second of it!
No Fear!
Realizing that Mommy and Daddy had left him to sit on the bench... two hours was enough for us!
Mom and Dad... Your the coolest!!!
Notice how red his poor knees are from crawling on that hard stuff... they recooperated fine over night :)