Monday, July 27, 2009

Mr. Martinez... My boys are expecting a World Series Championship out of you!

The Phillies just recently signed Pedro Martinez to their team. Derrik basically explained to me he's an old baseball player who could be a hall-of-famer one day and didn't retire, but never resigned after last year. Well... He just signed with the Phillies and he's suppose to help them in their hunt of another Championship win! He made his first rehab/come-back start in Clearwater, Florida on the Phillies High-A team the Threshers yesterday. We decided to get some tickets and make a day of it. Derrik played this team quite a bit during his Sarasota year so on the way up we went to a breakfast joint that he and his teammates use to eat at. It was called Lenny's and they had a clown there making balloon animals for people. This guy was pretty great! Ryder loved watching him so when he came over and asked if he was old enough I told him to go ahead because he was loving watching him through lunch. He made him a fishing poll hat and when he put it on his head Ryder went hysterical! Oh well... after the fact though he loved playing with the fish.
Ryder with his balloon fishing poll hat
When we got to the field it was starting to rain. We got stuck under an awning while walking to the stadium and had to wait for the storm to pass.
Ryder loved the wind from the storm blowing his hair all around
The storm finally passed and we made it into the stadium. We walked around and checked the stadium out. Derrik never gets to see this stadiums from my point of view. He kept wondering when the game was going to start because their was a rain delay, and I asked him how he felt not knowing anything! Now he knows how I feel when he never gives me any information when his games are in rain-delays!

Waiting above the bull-pen for Pedro Martinez to come out and warm-up for the game
"Mom, it's hot... where is this Pedro guy at?!"
There he is!
So there was a pretty good crowd there to see Martinez make his first start. I asked Derrik what he thought would happen: A. He would come out during the rain-delay and make some kids days and give out some autographs, or B. He would be a jerk and not sign any. Go figure! He did option B. He ran out of the locker room onto the field so he didn't have to even so much as acknowledge the fans lining the field looking for an autograph! I told Derrik is he ever makes it to the big leagues and thinks about being a jerk like this guy that it will not sit well with me! Needless to say... I was glad my boys enjoyed getting to see him, but I will NOT be a fan of someone who can't support fans that came out to support his come back. Enough complaining though... We had a great day and I love being with my boys so it was well worth it!

Martinez warming up in the bull-pen
Daddy and Ryder watching him warm up
My boys looking into the bull pen
1st inning
This is God reminding me of yet another positive reason for this season being a rehab season for us!
Ryder LOVED when the crowd clapped.... he was clapping like a mad-man!
Still clapping during a rain-delay with Da-Da
After 1 2/3 innings the game was called. I've seen a lot of rain-delays in my day, but this was probably one of the worst.
What better to do when waiting for the rain to stop.... teeth on your thumb!
And we had a peaceful car ride home :)

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