Sunday, July 12, 2009

a GRAND ole' time

Ryder and I were welcomed home from The Cape with a visit from this Papi, Papa, and Nini! It was really great getting to spend some quality time with them this week and let them get to see Ryder and all his new tricks :) Friday night before they left Ryder was lucky enough to go out to dinner with four of his great-grandparents and his grandpa! One lucky little boy :) Ryder was being a butt-head for picture taking that night so the pictures aren't the greatest... but they still deserve posting!

Ryder with NiNi
Ryder with Papa
Derrik and his grandpa
My grandma and I
Derrik, Papi, and Ryder
Papi and Ryder
Ryder with his Great-Grandparents
Ryder with his goofy Waffle House hat on

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