Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Water Park Fun

When we first moved up here we spotted a pretty cool water park right next to the apartment complex we moved into. It had an awesome area for little kids that we knew Ryder would just love. We had been waiting for the day Derrik got his arm brace off to be able to go, and it just so happened Derrik got his arm brace of yesterday and it was an off day for him! So we packed up the little man and took him. I'm pretty sure he thought we were the coolest parents in the whole world for taking him here. He was in heaven! Loved it! We love when we can put a smile on our little man's face :)

Sporting his sun-tan lotion hair-do! Pretty sure a top tooth is coming in since his finger is always like this the past week.
About to go to play in the kiddy area at the water park
This stuff is pretty cool Da-Da!
What is this stuff?!?!
Oh Yeah! I love it here!

Happy Boy.... Happy Parents
Realizing he can touch the water

Waving hi to Da-Da from the pool
Taking a little break... he loves watching the swim team practice in the lap pool
At this point he realized he could crawl around his whole big place... just went through everything and loved every second of it!
No Fear!
Realizing that Mommy and Daddy had left him to sit on the bench... two hours was enough for us!
Mom and Dad... Your the coolest!!!
Notice how red his poor knees are from crawling on that hard stuff... they recooperated fine over night :)

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The Stevens Family said...

Looks like so much fun & love the sunscreen hair! And those darn cute! He's quite the little man now.