Monday, July 27, 2009

11 Months.... And the countdown begins!

So over the weekend Ryder turned eleven months... AHHH!!! Where is this year going?!? Derrik and I were just talking last night about how we said when Ryder turned two we'd probably consider it time for a little brother or sister for Ryder. Well... If this second year goes as fast as this first year did then Ryder will be twenty before he gets a sibling! It is just crazy to me how fast it is all going. Since I just did a pretty big post like last week about Ryder and his personality these days there isn't too much to say. A few things though...

1. Baby Food... It's back!!! Ryder refuses to eat veggies in the human-food form so I feed him the baby jar veggies because I refuse to let him just pass them up. He has been accepting this form of veggies pretty well the past week. And a miracle happened last night... he ate a full jar of green beans! Ryder is not a fan of veggies of the green variety, but what can I say... neither is his Mommy!

2. Ryder has been able to wave bye-bye and clap his hands for a while now, but now he can do it on que when he hears the words. We don't have to show him anymore and he LOVES doing this for anybody. We are trying very hard to teach him new things to do and say new words... i'll keep ya posted!

And some random pictures from the weekend:

Ryder loves to bang on the door to the patio while dad cooks for us... he finally got dad's attention in this one!
Dad made Ryder a Mickey Mouse pancake for breakfast that he couldn't wait to attack... we are thinking about visiting Mickey for a day here soon before we have to move far far away from him!
And Mickey is gone... Ryder gobbled him up!
Two Teeth... time to brush!
What's this Mommy?!
Not too sure what to think
And we have clean chompers now :)
Last week I told you about how much Ryder and our cats love our windows in the living room.... Turbo stared this squirrel down and had some of the craziest noises coming from her! It was hilarious!

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