Monday, July 27, 2009

Play Date

On Saturday Ryder and I made the trek down to Fort Myers for a play date. Our play date was with someone that we had never actually met in person, but we're so excited to finally meet and get to play with. Megan, over at, is a new mommy to Connor and is also the wife of a minor league baseball player... from my home town! Megan's husband, Jake, is playing at the High A level for the Baltimore Orioles this season. Megan is such an amazing wife and mother toughing out the season at home with her little man while Jake goes off to pursue his dream. Connor is eight months old and is such a cute little boy! Unfortunately the day of the play date he was fussy, and we found out later that day that his first tooth popped through!!! We are so happy for you Connor and hope we get to try a play date again soon! We did have a good time playing with all sorts of new toys for Ryder, ate lunch together, and most importantly the mommies got a chance to talk with people who have an actual vocabulary!

Getting to hold Connor.. who is barely smaller then Ryder, crawls, pulls up, eats big boy foods, and is 8 months old! Ryder has serious competition from this big boy!
We were so excited to see Danielle and Mady at the play date also!
Ryder, Connor, and Mady playing... Ryder and Mady we're way into crawling into every other room of the house so we had to trap them into these toys
Mady and Ryder loving Connor's ball pit
Trouble! Sneaking into the master bedroom while Megan was putting Connor down for a nap.
Mommy and her little man!

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The Stevens Family said...

Thanks for the sweet post! Had a great time with you guys...despite my child being a booger! We will have to try it again sometime. Loved all the new pictures posted--you have one cute little boy!