Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tooth... Sickness... Fever... Hello NO SLEEP!

So after my last post about how I can't stand teething Ryder woke up feeling warm from his nap. I assumed it was just a low grade fever which usually accompanies those darn teeth when they come in. I grabbed the thermometer, popped it in the little mans mouth... 103.1!!! I figured there was no way... I did it wrong. I put it in Derriks mouth... 96.... Put it in my mouth... 96.8.. Put it back in Ryder's mouth... 103.5... got 103.5 twice! Yeah... that is when I called the doc. I don't consider 103.5 just any kind of fever. Luckily when we were here for spring training Ryder turned six months and needed a check-up and shots. The Reds had hooked us up wiht a pediatrician so I found their number and called them. They were great and got us in immediately. She said a fever that high has nothing to do with teething. She thinks he probably caught something one the plane or traveling. She said it was viral and to get him on tylonel/motrin every three hours and get lots of fluids in him. She gave us all sorts of stuff to look for in case it was something awful and he would need to be hospitalized... lucky for us we just dealt with the fever and now think we have gotten rid of it!! WooHoo! Lucky for our doc she told us he would break out in a rash once the fever broke. She said it was the virus finally coming out and that he was no longer contagious at this point. Thank God she told us... because I would have thought he was dying or something! Smart doc! I'm sure she's had moms freak out calling about this!

Can you tell he doesn't feel good? Look at those glossy eyes! Amazing to me how babies still wanna play when their sick... I just wanted to cuddle and love on him!
Through all of this that second tooth did pop through... look real close and you can see it here
"Mom, I'm all better"
Oh... and Ryder has learned the way to get out of food he doesn't want....

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