Sunday, July 19, 2009

At the Zoo with Amanda and Sophia

Yesterday Amanda was nice enough to bring Ryder's girlfriend Sophia up for a visit. She wanted to come up and show Ryder how she learned to walk last week! She is seventeen days older then Ryder which means he has about two weeks to figure it out or his woman is showing him up :)

After letting the babies play for a while, we headed out to get some lunch and went to the Sarasota zoo. The zoo lacked most of what a zoo was suppose to offer. It had a couple monkies that the babies could hardly see, a couple birds, and flamingoes. The flamingoes were actually quite a hit with us mommies. I literally thought they were going to attack us until we realized they were extremely gentle. Even though the zoo was kind of a bust, we had a great time with great friends and can't wait to see them soon!

Ryder showing Sophia his ball pit!

Sophia diving in
Ryder's girlfriend checking him out
Ryder sharing his music toys with Sophia
The babies watching their mommies look like idiots with the flamingoes
Amanda trying to get food out of the machine for the flamingoes not realizing the they see people do this all the time and know to go to it!
Realizing the flamingoes are going after that food she just got
They were so sweet once we realized they were gonna bite us!

Ryder was way more interested in this duck instead of the flamingoes
Amanda, Sophia, Danielle, and Ryder
Amanda and Sophia
The only way Ryder would smile :)
Our Jungle Babies

Thanks for coming to visit..... we had a blast and hope to see both of you soon!

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Abby said...

Hi! So very nice to meet you :D Your little Ryder is DARLING! And, too funny that your hubs plays for the Reds - we're located right outside of Cinci in Northern Kentucky. B has season tickets through work, so we took Becks to see them play when he was like 3 months old. Small world, and hope your hub's recovery is going well!