Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A little time at my one of my favorite places :)

Last night I made the miserable trek up to The Cape to go get my little man back and see the family. I just had a bad feeling all week it was going to be miserable and it didn't fail to meet my expectations. I had to book a later flight anyhow due to the sky high prices, and was dreading the late night bus ride from Boston onto The Cape. Well as luck would have it, I didn't have to take the bus. My wonderful mother and sister picked me up from Boston airport at 2 a.m. after my delayed flight finally got into Boston. We finally made it home around 4 a.m.... enough of that though. I did get to wake up to the cutest little boy in the entire world this morning! I'm so glad to be back with him. I feel bad for his Daddy who is still missing him very much!

Today I finally got to go to one of my favorite places with Ryder... the pond! It is one of my favorite places to go and one of my favorite memories of summers on The Cape. It's just so relaxing... fresh water to rinse off in. It's actually enjoyable to swim. It's kind of a really nice combo of the beach and pool. I told my mother she was NOT allowed to take Ryder down to the pond before I got her, but she did anyhow... So today was Ryder's and mine first time there together. It was short but sweet. The weather wasn't cooperating very well, but my mom promised the girls she would take them down there to try out their new kayak so we went. We got about a half hour under a cloudy sky, but it was still enjoyable :)I'm sure we'll get some more time in the next few days. Tomorrow my brother flies in with his new girlfriend and her little boy who just turned a year (Ryder is SO excited to have a new friend!), and then Friday Kaitlyn flies in! All that is missing for this 4th of July weekend is my hubby. He assured me he's not a fan of crowds, beaches, or busy schedules and that he'll be just fine playing video games and enjoying the peace and quiet. So with that said... Ryder and I will be enjoying the holiday weekend the way it should be done... on The Cape! LOTS of pictures to come I am sure!!!

Damn It! Mom is back with that crazy camera she always has in my face!
Ryder and I enjoying the pond
On the way home Ryder took over my tootsie pop... when we finally had to take it away because he was getting it all over it truly defined the phrase "like taking candy from a baby"
Video of Ryder at the pond...
beware I got the new video iPhone so videos will be much more frequent!

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Jen and girls said...

I am sooooooooooooo Jealous!!!!I didn't win the lotto so therefore I am not there. I wish I was so badly. We still cherish those memories so much and the kids love to talk about it all the time. Have a great time!!!