Friday, June 26, 2009

Father's Day Pictures

Derrik and I flew home from Cincinnati today... we got home, unpacked, and gave each other that "What do we do now?!" look. The surgery is over and now it's just lots and lots of rehab to get back to the baseball field where we want to be. It's a LONG road ahead that we need to take one day at a time. I know before we know it we will wonder where the time went and feel like it flew past, but for right now it seems like it's going to be an eternity! On a more positive note... I got the Father's Day pictures up :)

Ryder drinking his morning bottle with his Da-Da Ryder excited to give Daddy his present!
Ryder's and my attempt at a bag with his handprints

Happy 1st Father's Day Da-Da!

Ryder watching his Daddy read his card.

Us crazy parents trying to get pictures with our baby before he left us to go stay at his grandparents for a week... we miss you little man!!!

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