Monday, June 15, 2009

TIme to make a new "Home-Sweet-Home"

Yesterday was successful... Thank God! My grandparents kept Ryder for the afternoon and let us set out to find a new home. After a fustrating search on CraigsList and we managed to snag a place. It was the first place we went to, and honestly the price was right and we're not that picky since it is so temporary. It was clean, decent location to the field, and great location to stuff for Ryder and I. Right outside the front door is a playground and pool. Within about a mile is the mall, Target, Publix (our favorite grocery store of all time), and Babies 'R Us. Also right across the street is a YMCA with a really cool looking water park for Ryder. We can't wait to go try it out :)

Today we are going up to sign the lease, unpack the cars, and return the U-Haul trailer we used to tow our car. We will go back to Fort Myers tonight and hopefully be bringing up an extra bed in my grandparents garage and some other random furniture they told us we could borrow.

That is it for now.... I'll keep ya posted!

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Anonymous said...

So glad you found a place to live... so sad you had to leave Raleigh! I will pray for a successful surgery for Derrick and a speedy recovery/rehab. This sure makes your life a bit hectic. Oh yeah, I loved the Ryder crawling video.
Sandy Strausbaugh