Thursday, June 18, 2009

Our Little Trouble Maker... Showin' Off That New Tooth

So this evening as I am playing on the computer from the kitchen counter I think to myself how nice it is that I can see the bathtub from the kitchen in our new place. Makes it so much nicer so i'm not trapped in the bathroom. Right after that thought I look over to check on my little one to see him STANDING in his seat! So much for thinking I wasn't trapped next to him at every second. I went in quick to avoid him falling and called Daddy in with the camera to snap a few pictures...
We noticed during the photo shoot that you could see Ryder's tooth in some of the pictures! Double click on this picture and it should blow it up for you. You should be able to see his tooth on the bottom!
Believe it or not Ryder has never has juice before. At nine and a half months old I've just never bothered. The pediatricians we've seen have never really told me to push it, and I just thought it was weird to put juice into a bottle. I wanted him to learn to drink it at his meals from a sippy cup. Well he's just not really getting the sippy cup. He holds it like he should and puts it in his mouth, but then he just bites it. The other day he sucked up from my straw, but couldn't get it all the way. The next day I went out and bought little juice boxes with short straws and he loves them!!!
And Ryder now eats ANYTHING we eat! He chows it down! He hates the stage 3 baby food that is basically the food we eat in packaged containers for baby. I'm not sure if it's the packaged taste or what, but he eats the food I offer him from our plates. Oh well... I guess that's what he needs in the long run. Luckily he still eats the stage 2 baby food.
Ryder chowing down


Aunti Ally said...

oh god he is going to be such a hand full, butt is also going to be a whole lot of fun to play with:) ONLY 3 DAYS TO GO:) YAY!!!!!

Lindsay Crider said...

He looks like such a BIG BOY in those pics!! Tell him to slow down!

The Stevens Family said...

Love the bath seat experience--I had a similar one as well! Those kids are too darn smart for their own good sometimes!