Saturday, June 13, 2009

On The Road Again...

Isn't this the story of our life?! I know I haven't been to thorough with the updates, but things had been changing back and forth so much I couldn't even keep track. Yesterday Derrik threw for one last time and was still in pain. They told him to head home, pack, and get to Florida. We spent about six hours packing and got on the road at about 12:30 am. We drove for about four hours with Ryder sleeping and then stopped to get a little sleep ourselves at a hotel. We are back on the road now and have just gotten into Georgia(online courtesy of the new aircard my dad got me for work!) We have a few days to ourselves to find a new place to live and get settled. Derrik has to report to the rehab facilities in Sarasota for the 19th, 20th, and 21st. We both fly up to Cincinnati on the 22nd for some pre-op stuff and then surgery will follow the next day. We fly back to Sarasota on the 26th and then on Derrik will rehab. We are still trying to get a date on when the Reds are making the big move out to Arizona because we will be following them then. I believe my mom is flying down on the 20th to get Ryder and take him back to Cape Cod while we are gone for the surgery.

So that is the game plan for now. A little crazy, but we can handle it. Just one day at a time... or one minute at a time. We'll make it through :)

Thanks to all of our amazing friends who stopped by last night to help us load our stuff up and say good-bye. I never thought I'd be so blessed to have met such great friends. When we got in this sport I thought i'd be alone while Derrik had the team, but boy was I proven wrong! The guys on this team have some amazing women supporting them. I will miss you girls tons!!! See you all in Arizona!!!!


The Smith's said...

geez, never a dull moment! Let me know if you guys needs anything...Kevin is up there everyday! Would love to see you! Good Luck Derrik, speedy recovery!

Brittany said...

This makes me soooo sad. I'm going to miss you all terribly. Good luck with everything and keep us posted. I'm going to become a crazy Lutz family blog stalker now. Miss you guys already!