Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Update on My Little Patient

Sorry for the lack in updates... Things got a little crazy there again for a second, but I think we're okay now :)

Well I was going to do a Father's Day update first, but I realized I forgot to download my pictures before we left (once again lack of time) so I guess those will be done later. So where do I begin our crazy last couple of days... Saturday I guess. On Saturday afternoon my momma flew down to Fort Myers. Derrik and I packed up and headed down for the night. I went out with my momma and some of her friends while Derrik and Ryder headed out for their first night at the dog track together. I think it was a really nice night for both of us. I needed a girls night desperately and I think Derrik truly enjoyed doing something with his son that he really truly enjoys! Win-Win situation I guess :) On this trip to Fort Myers we also brought Chloe down to stay at a friends house. She has two little girls who I am very sure are giving Chloe more attention then she has seen in a long time! On Sunday morning we woke up and did our Father's Day presents (like I said.. pictures to come later), grabbed a quick bite to eat a Micky D's for breakfast, and then headed to pick up my mom at her friends house to head to the airport. She flew back up to Cape Cod with the little man and it was very hard to say good-bye. I held back my tears until I got to the car. I thought I was going to hold it together, but Derrik kept talking to me and the tears just came flooding out. He said he kept talking to me to get my mind off of it, but it didn't work. Once back in Sarasota we got ourselves packed for Cincinnati and then headed off for a little date night/Father's Day celebration. We treated our selves to a movie and then dinner since we hadn't been to the movie theatre in forever! Very early Monday morning we flew out of Sarasota up to Cincinnati with two of Derrik's other teammates for surgery. Yesterday consisted of lots of time in the doctors office with lots of decisions to be made. This morning we once again had to get up early (notice all this getting up early stuff when I have no baby?!? I planned this all wrong!) and we headed into the doctors office. The doctor doing the surgery is the doctor of the Cincinnati Reds and let me tell you what... If anything ever happens to him financially he has enough memorabilia to sell to make it through! The surgical center is actually in the doctors office too which was nice so we didn't have to bother with the actual hospital. We got there at about 6:30 am and did lots of waiting around. At about 9:45 they brought my very nervous husband back to the O.R. I was allowed to watch the surgery! I was very unsure of this because I don't do blood, hospitals, sickness... none of it! I did really good though. Through the glass wall I could see the whole O.R. and then on a television screen I could see the surgery up close. They had a nurse in there explaining the whole surgery too which was really nice. After the surgery was over they brought me back to the hospital room and said the doctor would be in soon to talk to me. About fifteen minutes later the doc came in told me that everything went great. The tear in his UCL that we thought happened recently over one pitch was actually something they feel happened over a long period of time (explains the problems in college) and said that it was very frayed. It made me feel good knowing that surgery was definately our best option. They said they got the new tendon (which they took from his wrist) in really tight and that he should come back stronger then ever. After that they said Derrik should be back in in about thirty minutes... So I watch The View... one hour... watched some baby story... thirty minutes... read my book... read... read... read... no Derrik. I start to really get nervous that something is seriously wrong. About three hours after I left him in the O.R. Derrik gets brought back into the room looking awful. It made me so sad to see him that way. Unfortunately Derrik had a really hard time waking up from the anesthesia. Seeing him like this is when I really started to have a hard time. I felt so nauscious but luckily had a soda close by! We made it through. He is still very very groggy, but thanks to another teammates parents bringing us some food back Derrik got a chicken sandwhich and fries into his system and is sleeping like a baby at the moment. He is complaining of pain, but the nurses said it is a very painful surgery and the pain meds can only manage the pain and will definately not make it go away. Tomorrow we go in for therapy at noon with four of the other players. We found out this afternoon a fourth player also had surgery... not a good month for the Reds! Sorry for this big long rambling paragraph, but there was a lot to explain! Meanwhile... our little man is enjoying his time with his Grandpa, Grammy, Auntie Ally, and Auntie Hailey. I am so thankful he has a place he can go and be loved so much while I take this time to take care of my husband.... family is the best!

My Hunny and I waiting for his surgery


Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping us up to date!

Scott and Karen

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad all went well and so happy that you are there to be able to focus just on Derrik not to mention we are loving having your little man here:)!!! Get plenty of rest while you can!!! Love ya
Mom xoxoxo

Lindsay Crider said...

Shew, what a day!! So glad that he is doing okay and that you survived! Who else had surgery?!? I didnt realize that many people where there!

Brittany said...

We are all thinking about you guys!