Tuesday, June 16, 2009

All Settled In

We're all settled... minus a few piles of clothes. It doesn't take too long to move in when you live out of two packed cars. It's perfect though. It's a blessing in disguise with Ryder to have no furniture. The whole living room is just a big playroom for him. Ryan brought up an extra bed he had laying around for us last night. It's so comfy and we slept great! Sometime this week he is also bringing up an extra couch from my grandparents house for us. It feels great to be settled! Thanks so much to my grandparents for letting us stay at there house and also to Ryan who helped us get the bed up here! It's great to have such amazing family that's always willing to lend a helping hand!

Today we are just hanging out in the lull of this craziness we are going through. I did quite a bit of work this morning which actually felt good. It felt good to get some normalcy. When Ryder wakes up from his nap we are off to get some groceries and some stuff for the place. Below I have some pictures from my camera I found from recently and from my grandparents house.

The car headed down south
The night after Ryder learned how to crawl... I knew I was in trouble when I saw this!
The night I was packing I didn't know what to do with Ryder... so I put him in the his tub seat with a cookie. Figured he could make a mess and i'd just rinse him off. Chloe wanted his cookie SO bad!
Ryder playing at Mimi and Papa's house
Hanging with his Papa
Mimi loving on Ryder
Actually got a picture of myself with the little man
Ryder's favorite toy he found at their house.... some ribbon
Some of Ryder's funniest picture are when he's trying to grab my camera
Hangin' with dada while the girls clear the table from dinner
This baseball life is making us CrAzY!!!


Aunti Ally said...

ahhhhhhhhh I CAN`T WAIT SEE YOU GUYS:)

Brittany said...

The picture of him with the ribbon is so stinking cute. Miss you guys! Glad everything's working out and you're getting settled.

Chris and Lisa said...

man...i love seeing those faces Ryder makes but I get sad knowing I don't get to see them every morning anymore :( I am pretty sure I can not go until Feb. without seeing you guys!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ryder's expressions are priceless!
Sandy Strausbaugh