Friday, June 5, 2009

Delaying the Inevitable...

Yes that is what I have been doing by not posting on my blog for the entire ten day home stand. I've been trying to avoid a surplus of questions from everyone in which I have no answers for. As most of you know at this point, Derrik has been put on the DL for elbow issues. What began as some minor pain quickly turned into a lot of pain. Derrik tried to pitch through it and get treatment, but realized he just couldn't handle the pain. A week ago he had an MRI done that showed that his UCL was torn in his elbow. It was only partially torn, but we were told that the part that is torn is the part that baseball players need. Anyhow... The Reds head doctor said that he thinks Derrik should try to rehab it. They gave him a cortizone shot and are doing an accelerated rehab program. I'm not sure exacactly what is going on, but he should be back on the mound in like two weeks I think. The hope is that he is back pitching with no pain, but the probability of that isn't too high. Their reasoning behind it all is the surgery he would have to have would put him out of baseball for about 8-12 months so we mine as well take two weeks to see if this will work. That is the game plan as of now. I'm not even going to get into all the details of what happens if he has surgery because there are SO many and it's been giving me a headache all week. I will update as soon as we know anything, but for now it's just a waiting game. Keep us in your prayers... it will be a long year for our family if surgery is the best option, but we're strong and can get through anything :)

With all of this going on I haven't exactly been taking advantage of many photo ops! Bad Momma... I know... Unfortunately I have two really good videos I just can not get to load! They are of our two new accomplishments in the world of baby Ryder: Pulling himself up and CRAWLING! He's getting to be such a handful at the baseball games. The pictures down below speak for themselves I think. We went to Ryder's nine month check up and he's right on track for everything. His head circumference and weight are in the 50th percentile now and his height is still in the 90th... we have a tall one on our hands!

Got to run... Ryder is up fussing. He doesn't get that when Daddy is on the road we can go to bed earlier then 11:30-12:00 like we have to do on game nights.... I wish he only understood! Oh well... It means sleeping until about 9:15 :)

Hanging out at the baseball games...

What germs momma?!

Just like daddy.... totally relaxed taking a nap

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The Smith's said...

I really hope Rehab works for Derrik! You guys are in our thoughts!