Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Much Better Day...

Today has been a much better day for us. Derrik woke up doing much better and hasn't been in much pain thank God! Obviously he is sore and in pain, but is bearable and we're making it through. His biggest complaint (as long as the other two guys that had the same surgery) is that they feel like they have done the hardest upper body workout ever and are so sore. I keep trying to explain to them that they were knocked out and had gas pumping their lungs for about an hour yesterday and that's what it is... but they just think their dying :) I'll let ya know if that happens! Today we went into the rehab facilities and got to check everything out. Derrik's incision sites look amazing. Almost no swelling and the incisions look like they are healing great already. The therapy today including making sure he had feeling everywhere in his arm, making a fist, having his thumb touch his other fingers on his hand, moving his wrist back and forth and side to side, and moving his arm with his elbow in and out. They said his range of motion for the day after surgery is great. They ended by bandaging him back up, put on stuff over the incisions so he could take a shower when he got home, and iced. We took some pictures of his arm for those that are curious... if you don't do that sort of thing just scroll down through the next three pictures (there are cuter ones after that... promise!)

Derrik all bandaged up

The top incision site is where the "Tommy John" was done and the lower two down by his wrist are where they went in to get his tendon

A close up of his elbow

So with all this craziness going on in our lives you probably wonder what happened to the little man! Thanks to amazing technology these days we have LOTS of pictures of our little man :) Here are a few....

Hi Mommy and Daddy

Grandpa's already putting him to work

Drinking his bottle during the morning conference call

Hangin' with some of his favorite people are Larry's P.X.

Bath Time... Loves it!

At his first Chatham Angers game... for those of you that don't know the Chatham A's had to rename the team

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