Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Just a few photos from Ryder's t-ball games so far...

He has done so amazing! He only had to use the tee his first at-bat in his first game. The coaches pitch the first five balls to them, and he does great getting hits. He truly has learned so much about the game so far :) 

Go Yellow Jackets!

Our Preschool Graduate!

Our Ryder Lee's pre-school years are officially behind him!! We couldn't be more proud of all that he has accomplished the last two years and how far he has come. It was sad to say good-bye to some faces that have become so familiar to us over the past nine months, but there are others we know we'll still see often :)

Ryder and his best buddy Jackson!! 
These three boys had to hang together in a class full of girls :)
 Landon had to get in the pictures with these two

Last picture together in preschool :(
 Mrs. Neuin (9) 
and Mrs. Yahner
See ya later Derry Preschool!
We are anxiously awaiting August 26th when he starts at Hershey Elementary... Until then we have a really fun summer to enjoy!!

Monday, May 20, 2013

A few randoms...

Heading to the park to practice some baseball one afternoon...
 Derrik sent me this while I was at work..
Landon put his chair right in front of my digital frame to watch the pictures. He loves seeing everyone all the time :)

 Lots of stickers!! He put on probably 100 more after this.. It was not fun peeling them all off!

 Favorite character day at school

 We like to keep it classy and do dinner at the Target food court sometimes :)


Of our ten day vacation Landon was sick the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th day with a fever, and Ryder had a fever the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th day... He then continued to be sick for two more days once we were home. He was spiking fevers of 103, and this Momma didn't know what to do for his little guy :( He also broke out in this horrible rash!! Thank God it finally made it's exit. We've never been so happy to see him get off the couch and annoy his little brother!!

Sunday, May 19, 2013


Ahh.. Finally some time to blog about our trip to Florida. I ended up having 13 photo sessions while I was in Florida and the editing and getting those out had to take priority. Now to relive the fun times in between me working the whole time :)

Waiting for our plane! We can't wait to see everyone :)
These two are always SOO well behaved on planes.. I'm a lucky mom!

Sleeping... during the landing of course. He never sleeps during the ride.

The crew we had waiting for us.. We love them!!
How Ryder passes time on the drive home 
Lovin' on Mack... we missed him!
Back in his happy place... Ally's room!
Our first day there consisted of two morning photo shoots for me, birthday party shopping, and an afternoon party for my big boy... No rest on this vacation! Landon had fun at the party store :)
The birthday boy! He swam so great in this float. He's finally swimming on his own with this and doesn't need to be held!
His pirate cake... not sure why it is sideways?

We were so excited Miss Courtney and baby Kian could make it :)
and Connor!! Ryder loves having a boy to rough house with!
Grammy and Mack got Landon this awesome water table for his birthday!!!
We can't wait until it's shipped here to play with :)
 The crew in the pool

 The birthday boy!!

 Miss Kaitlin made it too!!!
 Reunited with Soso... I can't get over the fact that these babies start kindergarten soon!
 Landon picked out this party hat for himself and loved wearing it!

 Miss Makenna was there too :)

 His new bike from Grammy and Mack...
Ryder kind of took it over and it got returned for a bigger bike for Ryder in the end, 
but he enjoyed sitting on it for a bit :)

 This big guy has refused to learn to ride a bike for years now... Mommy got her old BMX bike and road around and within seconds he was pedaling after me :) We quickly returned Landon's new bike which he clearly wasn't going to be pedaling any time soon and got Ryder a new bike!! 
 He'd rather watch big brother do it!
 Celebrating learning to ride his bike with some ice cream!!
 While Landon and I napped one day Ryder went to go cheer the FMCS boys volleyball team onto a win during their championship game!

A proud Mack right there!! 
After coaching kids in BMX for ten years it killed him that his grandkid had no interest. 
 My dad LOVES his jeep! Ally hates riding in it and Ryan continually makes fun of it. He was thrilled when Landon would literally throw tantrums until he would ride him around the block in it :)

 My little man showing his first signs of sickness.... a scary sickness that lasted eight long days of awful fevers :(

Ryder and I are his first bmx race!! My old home track was have a huge state qualifying race so we took the kids out. It was pretty cool having them out there. 
 They loved playing with little bikes on this pretend track

 Courtney and I met here.. 20 years ago? OMG!! I hadn't realize it was quite that long. We had both just moved to Florida from Massachusetts and Ohio and hung out while our brothers raced. Not too long after we were both on the track ourselves. We have been through so much together and it was pretty cool to be out there with our own little boys together :)
 Ashley K. is still out there kicking butt! 2nd place for the day...
I can't believe these girls still do this. I raced with all three of them, and couldn't imagine still being out there. This body of mine could never take it!!
 The kids checking out the Strider bikes

 And clearly the bmx track kicked their butts!!

They were so dirty at the track so it was straight to the pool...

One last picture from Florida....
 And once again... asleep during the landing....

This trip wasn't documented quite as much with the camera, there weren't any crazy exciting plans, but it was honestly one of the best trips home. We really just enjoyed being together doing the day-to-day things. Next trip... Cape Cod... we can't wait to spend our days together at the pond and enjoying family!!