Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Little Man Turns 4 Months

So the little guy turned four months on Christmas day! He's still growing like a weed (we go to the doctor January 2nd for heigh and weight updates). Our big milestones this month are sleeping through the night (woohoo for Mommy!) and eating solid foods. So far we have tried bananas, sweet potatoes, pears, and peas. We have many more to go and so far he loves them all! Ryder's newest thing he loves to do is make these really loud gurgling noises. It sounds like he gets all the drool in his mouth in the back of his throat and gargles it. It makes us laugh so hard! I swear he keeps doing it because of the reaction he gets out of us.

Diapers, Bottles, and Clothes... All pretty much still the same... 5 ounce bottles, 2-3 in diapers, and 9 month in clothes.
I think in the next month we will be looking forward to seeing Ryder roll over (we're getting so close) and for him to start learning to sit. Mommy and Daddy will be leaving Ryder for the first time for a week. They are going on a much needed vacation before another baseball season, but are going to miss Ryder terribly!!! Ryder will also take his first airplane ride to Orlando to meet some friends and go to Disney World! It will be a busy month, but a lot of fun!!! We are also hoping to see the Eagles make their way through the playoffs :)

And The Winner Is...

Yesterday I was cleaning up our spare bedroom since Christmas had taken over it for the last month or so and found a box with some stuff from the baby shower. It had cards it in with everyones guess as to when Ryder would be born, how much he weighed, and how long he would be.

And the winners are....

Birthdate: Dee Bennett had the exact date

Weight: Mrs. Schiffner and I tied. I was 5 ounces over and she was 5 ounces under

Height: Ally was the only one to guess 20 inches

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Pictures

Getting ready to open our stocking Christmas morning
Merry 1st Christmas Little Man
Chloe checking out the stocking
All my babies Christmas morning
Such a cutie pie!
Mommy and Ryder
Chloe with her presents
Daddy in his new shades
Turbo sniffing out the new toy
Hannah protecting her mouse
Chloe wanted one too (She thinks she half cat I swear)
The family Christmas morning at Grammy and Grandpa's
Ryder with one of his many presents
Wanting to roll over SOOO bad... we're getting close!
Ryder loves his Great Great Grandma GiGi
Ryder favorite Christmas present... way to go Auntie Hailey!
Ryder in his new highchair from Grammy and Grandpa
A picture Derrik took skiing... He forgot to get some of himself!

Friday, December 26, 2008


Our Christmas was so nice this year. No crazy traveling like the years past. I can't think of a recent year we just relaxed on Christmas and weren't traveling all over the place. Derrik and I woke up earlier then the rest of the household with Ryder to do our own little Christmas at our house. First we opened stockings in bed together (a tradition on my side of the family... we're learning to make our own!)Afterwards we went upstairs to the Christmas tree. Ryder sat in his swing and smiled and giggled the whole time. My hubby got me an amazing new camera! I'm always stealing my mom's Canon camera to get nice pictures of Ryder and now I have my own. I got the bag and extra lenses to go along with it. I got a new bathing suit for our cruise too. It's the second year in a row he's ordered a bathing suit for me completely on his own and i've loved it! I got some clothes, a vacuum cleaner, an exercise mat, and some little goodies. Derrik got golf clubs (which he bought for himself about a month ago), a new laptop, Oakley sunglasses, a McNabb jersey, the new Tiger Woods video game, and some other random little things.

After we finished up at our house we headed over to my moms to open gifts with my family. We all got really nice gifts over there. Ryder got a high chair! He looked so cute eating in it last night. I got a trip to Orlando with my mom and sisters in about two weeks. They rented a really nice house down there all disney themed. My moms friends and kids will be there, and haven't gotten to see the baby yet so i'm really excited! Ryder will also get to go to Disney World for the first time :)

Later my whole family came over to exchange gifts and have dinner. It's always nice to see everyone. Ryder did great with the crowds all through the holidays. His Auntie Debbie even held him yesterday! Debbie works at the restaurant we eat at about four or five times a week, and has yet to hold him because she said he was too little. She kept saying she would on Christmas, and she stook to her word.

I'd love to put up pictures of our day, but Derrik has my camera on the ski slopes today. I was suppose to be off skiing with them, but hurt my back at the gym on Christmas Eve day. Once he gets home i'll get some pictures up.

Thank you so much to everyone for all of the amazing gifts! We hope everyone had as great of a Christmas as we did!

Love Always,

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of our friends and family! We hope everyone has an amazing Christmas and gets to enjoy the special time with family. We are very excited to be celebrating our first Christmas with Ryder. He looked so cute in his Christmas pj's tonight and fell asleep really early... he's ready for Santa to come!

I just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone in Pennsylvania for all of your wonderful Christmas presents... especially the chocolate chip cookies for Chocolate World (Thanks Aunt Cindy!!!) We loved them all and hope that you enjoyed the gifts sent along with Derrik. Ryder and I were really wishing we could have gone along, but the trip was too long for Ryder for such a short time. We hope to see everyone soon.

Merry Christmas

Love Always,
Derrik, Danielle, Ryder, Chloe, Turbo, and Hannah :)

Ryder crashed super early on the couch on Christmas Eve
Our Christmas tree on Christmas Eve night

Thank you to everyone for all the Christmas cards... and birthday cards :)
The boys crashed the other morning... gotta love it!

Friday, December 19, 2008

SNOW DAY: Christmas Cookie and Snowballs

What a great day! My sisters had no school today because of the approaching snow storm so we took the opportunity to bake some Christmas cookies for our friends are Larry's P.X. We spent all day making cookies and listening to Christmas music. Later in the day we drove into town to see everyone at Larry's and give them their cookies. During this time it started snowing like crazy!!! We went to the girls hair appointment and then grabbed some pizza. The drive home was crazy... it's like a winter wonder land out there! It took us probably three times longer to get home then usual, but the view was awesome. As soon as we got home I asked my mom if she'd be the mom and let me be the kid again. Ryder was in desperate need of a new diaper, some cereal for dinner, and some pj's. Of course being the amazing mother she is she took care of Ryder for me and I headed out with the girls. We had so much fun in the snow!!! We made a snowman... which looked amazing until it fell over. We really need our brother up here to help us out! Now we're keeping warm by the fire until the rest of the storm passes... enjoy the pictures from our day.

Ally and I making cookies

Hailey cutting the dough... like the cat on the counter... I hope everyone enjoyed those cookies lol

Ally like usual couldn't do it without making a huge mess!

Thank God we have an automatic mop.... gotta love the flour all over his face!

Ryder pooped out like usual after the festivities

My sisters and I playing in the snow with Molly

Molly and I getting along for once...

Looks like we might have a white Christmas after all....

Monday, December 15, 2008

Come On Playoffs....

Ryder is all ready for the big game tonight! He loves his new jersey his Aunt Gina got for him. On a night like tonight with the game being so late Ryder would usually crash in his Eagles PJs, but Daddy says there bad luck (Sorry Nicole... they lost whenever he wore them so he can wear them on non-game days now). So my sweet little baby will be sound asleep for the game tonight in his Eagles jersey thanks to his superstitious daddy.

Ryder and Daddy before the game last Sunday... by the way we love the new Bumbo seat!
Ryder hanging out with the girls this afternoon
Mommy and Ryder playing around
Napping before the big game! (He's become the center piece at the dinner table lately)
Family picture at dinner last night
Picture I found on my mom's camera when we saw Santa... Love It!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Trees and Santa Claus

Friday night Auntie Hailey, Auntie Ally, Grammy, Ryder, and I headed into downtown Chatham for the annual tree lighting ceremony. Everyone brings a handmade ornament to hang on the tree, drinks hot chocolate, and then waits for the tree to be lit. It was a lot of fun and Ryder handled the cold great!

Auntie Hailey hanging her ornament
Auntie Ally hanging her ornament
The tree all lit up!
Ryder in his reindeer outfit staying warm
Ryder and I all snuggled up
Saturday morning we all got up early to go have breakfast with Santa. We had to actually wake up Ryder to go (go figure he sleeps in the morning I choose to get up early!). While we were eating breakfast we got to see Santa arrive on the firetruck with the sirens going. Ryder loved Santa and smiled the whole time on his lap.

Ryder with Santa
My little man and I
The Girls and Ryder
Ryder trying to suck his thumb (he doesn't get that it can't happen with his pacifier in)