Sunday, July 5, 2009

Summers on the Cape... 2009

What a great visit up to The Cape! Even though we lived up there all winter it did not matter. What i've been dying to share with Ryder is what summers are on The Cape. We managed to fit everything in (except an ice cream trip... can't believe I let that happen!)Vacation officially started Friday morning. We all got up, ready, and headed into Larry's P.X. for some breakfast. After that we all walked through downtown Chatham browsing the shops and playing in the park with the boys.

My Little Man enjoying the grass
Ryder with his Grandpa... Lovin' the Cape Cod weather
When we got home we let the boys play in the backyard and enjoy a popcicle. This is one of Ryder's favorite things about summer! We have them all the time to cool off.
Friday afternoon we headed up to the bus stop to pick Kaitlyn up! Kaitlyn gets lot of mention from her visits in our blog. She was my sisters' babysitter when they were little down in Florida. We get to visit quite a few times a year, and she is more like a sister now then the babysitter she once was :)Once she got into town everyone got ready to head into town for dinner and the band concert. We ate the best pizza in the world at New England Pizza...Yummy! The band concert is something that my mom went to when she was a little girl. It is the most bizzare thing, but so much fun. It is in the middle of downtown Chatham. Everyone lines up their blankets and chairs throughout the day to claim their spot, and then at night everyone buys balloons and candy, and then enjoys the music. We go every summer and I was SO excited to take Ryder to his first one. He absolutely LOVED the music.
The Bandstand
GiGi comes every year.... We love her company
Kaitlyn and Hailey having a great time
My Little Man having a blast!
Taking it all in
Ryder and I dancing to the music
We love you Grandpa!
Sisters :)
Their was no time to rest because first thing the next morning was the Fourth of July parade. Every year our whole family meets up to enjoy the festivities. Once again we have pictures from myself as a little girl at this parade, and I was so excited to have Ryder there.
Uncle Greg showing off his patriotism
Kaitlyn and I
Love Him!
My beautiful sisters sporting their Red, White, and Blue
Our cousin Conor and Ally had on the same shirt
Mommy and Ryder watching the parade
Ryder loved his pinwheel Mrs. Schiffner gave him!
Ryder worn out from our walk back to the car after the parade
Ryder loves his Auntie Ally
When we got home we packed up the cars and headed down to the pond. This is by far my favorite place in the world to be! It is just so relaxing. Ryder absolutley loved the sand and playing by the waters edge. He had a great time for about forty-five minutes and then we had a serious melt down. For the first time ever I was "that-mother" with the screaming child in public! SOOO embarrasing! Ryder I think was just tired and overwhelemed from all of the activity, sand, and lack of sleep. My mom and I quickly rinsed him off, stripped him of his wet clothes, put a bottle in his mouth, and rushed him out of there. I'm glad he liked it before his meltdown and we'll definately be trying it again soon :)
Ryder crawling around in the sand
Splashing in the water
Ryan and Ally out in the kayak
"Hey Mom, you never let me get this dirty!"
After the pond and a nice long nap for the little man, everyone came over for a cook out. We got to hang out in my parents back yard that they have put so much work into this summer. We enjoyed great food and great company. A perfect ending to such a fun day :)
The steamers everyone was so excited about... I don't do seafood
Carrie and Debbie... Our favorite Larry's waitresses :)
Ryan opeing his birthday card from GiGi
Ryder loved this step and let it wear him out all night
Sunday we all loaded up for a day out on the boat. Ryder had never been on the boat, and I was a little worried about the whole idea after our breakdown at the pond the day before. Boy was I wrong though... Ryder loved the boat! We all got to go tubbing and swim around. Loved the amazing weather!
My little cutie :)
"Give me those sunglasses... I can't see"
Those damn hats are always in his face
Grammy and Grandpa enjoying time with their grandson
The girls ready to go tubbing
Ally and I out on the water
Grammy taking care of her little man
Hailey and I keeping warm after getting out of the water
We got Kaitlyin in!
Kaitlyn after she fell off
Hailey and I getting ready to jump in!
Hailey chickened out....
Ryder and I playing in the water... he LOVED it!
Auntie Hailey, Mommy, and Ryder going for a slow tubbing ride
I had such a great time up there with my little man and look forward to many more summers up there together :)


The Smith's said...

WOW! I am so jealous...that looked like so much fun! Sounds like the perfect 4th of July weekend!

Brittany said...

Love, love, love all of the pictures. It looks like you had an amazing time. I hope everything is going well with your hubby and his recovery. We miss you guys! Give Ryder hugs and kisses from us.