Monday, November 14, 2011


Ahhh... What happened to me? I guess I just forgot I had a blog. I'm back though. With lots of grainy iPhone pictures. I swear sometimes my phone takes great pictures and other times they are awful, and I'm so mad I didn't just use my good camera.

Anyhow... Back to the weekend before last.... We started our Saturday morning the same way we have been for quite a while now at the t-ball field. They had team pictures, and Ryder got his picture taken for his very own baseball card just like Daddy! He can not wait for these to come in.. grandparents... they will be in your Christmas cards... be excited :)

Later that night I had a hot date with my husband. One of my best friends birthdays was the day before so we had arranged for a group of us to go out on a local casino boat. You go out for like six hours, have dinner, and gamble. I'm proud to say I think we broke even for once! We tend to donate our money when we do stuff like this :)
Meanwhile, Ryder had been BEGGING to go see Footloose in the theatre. Thanks to living with his two teenage aunts he has a love for music. Not kiddie music mind you... think LMFAO, Selena Gomez (his favorite), Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, and so on! Anyhow... He knows most of the words to the Footloose song. Once he found out there was a movie to it he would not stop asking to go. It worked out perfectly for Derrik and I to drop them off on our way to the boat so they got to go. We pulled up to the movie theatre drop off spot, and Ryder said, "Thanks guy. See you later." Really?!?! When did he get so grown up! Not to mention we woke him up from a nap in time to go to the movies, and I was already dressed up. When I first saw him I asked him if he was excited to go see Footloose, and he looked at him with a huge smile and said, "Mom, you look pretty!". He knows how to make a momma feel good :)

Sidenote before I forget... I had gotten Ryder a pair of Converse last week. I asked him if he wanted to wear his new shoes and told him they were on the pool table. He brought them over and said, "Mom, these shoes are like Justin Bieber's". We continued to talk about his new shoes while I finished getting him dressed. I asked him if he wanted his hoodie on then or when we were leaving the house. He told me he wanted it on then, and proceeded to say, "Mom, Justin Bieber wears hoodies like this. I look just like Justin Bieber". The boys cracks me up these days!

The next pictures is just showing off the mohawk the little guy has been sporting these days. You would not believe the amount of comments I get on this hair... love it!

And some more of the cutie pie

We got our annual family pictures done for our Christmas card on Friday. I haven't seen them yet, but I have a feeling i'm going to love them!!! The boys cooperated great so hopefully we have some keepers. I bribed my older boys (Derrik included) that if they were good we could go to the dog track after. They were good boys so we went. Ryder loved it!! In the middle of the night that night he woke up having a bad dream. I tucked him back in and was leaving the room. He called me back in, and in his sleepy state of mind said, "Mom, I wanted the number one dog to win"..... clearly it was still on his mind all night!

Landon is slowly but surely getting to be all over the place. In the picture down below he started by his basket of toys and somehow wiggles his way elsewhere. He is a month or so ahead of Ryder on this one. I don't remember Ryder doing this until around 7-8 months. Luckily we were moving all around with spring training and baseball season when Ryder was this age so I can remember what house we were living in to remember the age things happened :)

This is the little guy boycotting nap the other day.... I think he was saying help get me out of here!

And... it's almost time to lower the crib... so sad :(

We have been spending lots of time at the basketball hoop at the park in our neighborhood. Ryder is pretty decent for three years old. Basketball season starts in January, and we can't wait! It cracks me up that there is a playground and swings right next to this, yet he never asks to play on it and just wants to shoot hoops.

Enjoying whatever toys his brother brought along for the walk to keep him entertained.

Landon had his six month check up today. As usual... we have a big boy. He was 29 1/2 inches and 20lb 6oz. He was in the 90th percentile for his weight and off the charts for his height. He is getting SO heavy to carry in his baby carseat. Santa might be bringing a big boy one! Landon loves the doctors just so he can play in the paper they put on the table :)

We met up with Amanda and the kids today and had our plans fall through. We decided to go to the mall with the four kids, got what we needed to accomplished, and they weren't that bad! That'll never happen again. Granted we were only there about thirty minutes and bribed them :) In Macy's they had a spot to write letters to Santa....

Ryder's wish list for Santa is a million miles long this year.. the boy wants everything! I think any toy we see now he says "Mommy, I should get that for Christmas".... We're working on it buddy, but not sure those tacky Yo Gabba Gabba shoes in the shoe store in the mall are going to make it under the tree :)

Everything else is going well. The boys are good. Ryder is doing amazing in school and t-ball. No more tears, and he loves them both. Derrik quit his valet job because he was just insanely busy. He is just getting into basketball season for officiating, and keeping busy enough. We like some time with him too :) We are trying to enjoy our time right now, but getting very antsy on what's to come... I wish I had a crystal ball to see into the future sometimes!! I feel like we are always waiting for what's next. Is this just life? Is life full of what's next until it's over? Lots of long talks, patience, and prayer on what's to come around here... for now though we just take it day to day watching our little guys grow up!

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Connor & Mama said...

Loved reading your post! The Justin Bieber talk from Ryder is hilarious! I gotta get Connor out to his basketball hoop more so he can keep up with Ryder come January! Can't wait :)...and lowering the crib already for Landon?! Holy Moly! Love your precious boys!